How To Have Self Control

How To Have Self Control

How To Have Self Control

Self control is a much needed virtue in human life as it enables people to live a better and a richer life. When a person is able to practice control over his temperament and actions, he wins the biggest battle- the battle with self. Killing the demons within, like anger, lust, greed and all negative emotions is no mean feat. The big question is how to inculcate self control. Developing self-control is like sowing a seed and then nurturing it into a shady tree.

Self Control

Self Control For Kids

Ways to Develop Self Control

Inculcating self control can be tricky but once you learn the trick, it will change your life. Here are the ways to help you out:

1. Know Where You Lack


Decode Your Mind

Knowledge is the root to develop self control and identifying your problem areas is the beginning. For instance, if you are looking to cut down on eating sweets, you need to restrain and train your mind for the same. Sooner or later, you will see that self control will come naturally. This way, you can improve all areas of your life.

2. Talk to Yourself


Talking Yourself Into Success

Realize that you are your own best friend and also the best person to make a decision for your benefit. When you feel that you are losing control of the situation, talk yourself out of the temptation. This technique of conversing with self will take you a long way and help you build positivity and a feeling of self worth.

3. Modify the Surroundings

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Resolve Your Problems

Another effective way to build this virtue is to modify your environment in such a manner that you can make yourself strong in body and mind. Things that deviates your self control need to be taken out of your visibility range. If alcohol tempts you, show the bottle the front door, and you can successfully control your life.

4. Stick to a Game Plan


Action Plan To Success

Make strategies to manage your emotions and stick to them, whatever may happen. Whether it is anger, lust or temptation, you have to be very assertive with yourself and promise that you will not be pushed to limits. Once you are able to cope with one situation, it will make you confident enough to exercise self control whenever it is needed in future.

5. Meditation

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Motivate Yourself To Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to build inner strength- physical, mental and spiritual, and make you a better person. It alleviates stress and helps you vent out the pent up negative emotions so that you can see things in a positive light. Deep breathing can relieve toxic thoughts and help you control your reactions to situations that are adverse.

 Effective Tips for Making Self Control a Way of Life

You can use some easy and effective tips to make self control a part of your personality and a way of life

1. Make Situations Less Stressful


Overcome Stress

Stress is the major culprit that affects your capacity of self control because you are likely to react in a negative way when you are stressed out. Some great ways to relieve stress is do something you enjoy, and think positive. Pretty soon, you will see the difference in your behavior and reactions when facing a problem that would otherwise make you lose control.

2. Write it Down


Motivate Yourself on Writing

When you are looking to change something about yourself or control a bad habit, a good way to do it successfully is to pen it down and put it someplace where it is always visible. This would serve as a repeated reminder to get a hold yourself, emotionally as well as physically.

3. Accept the Challenge


Survive The Challenges

If you have self control issues related to something specific such as your anger, anxiety or some other compulsive behavior, never try to ignore it. Instead, stand up and face the challenge with absolute dedication and commitment. Once you accept that you need help to deal with something, getting it is not a difficult talk because self help is the best help indeed!

4. Garner Support

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Steps Towards Achieving A Goal

Get all the support you can, from your friends, family and loved ones. Discuss the self control issues with them so that they can stand by your side and help you make out the difference between right and wrong, when you need it the most. People who care can be a driving force to steer you towards your goal of cultivating self control.

5. Cut out the Negativity


Overcome Negativity

Never think that you will not be able to practice self control because negativity can actually ruin all your efforts. Positive thinking is the foundation for developing and sustaining this personality trait. A positive attitude will make a big difference in your ability to think and react in a controlled manner, however adverse the situation is.

Techniques of Cultivating Self Control

Besides these tips, there are some proven techniques which will help you cultivate self control

1. Take it Slow


Practice Self Control

When it comes to cultivating self control, don’t expect too much too soon because it can not only disappoint you and also make you lose your goal. Devise a game plan and go about it step by step, taking pleasure in winning small battles, instead of focusing on the war. And soon the war will be won too!

2. Rewards and Penalties


Rewards And Recognition

A very useful self control technique is the game of rewards and penalties, which is generally used to teach young children but is equally effective for cultivating self control in adults too. The rewards and penalties may be small, but they will play a significant role in encouraging you to adhere to the commitments you make to yourself.

3. Visualize the Results


Self Discipline For Success

Like all good things in life, making self control a part of your personality requires a great deal of motivation and motivation comes from the visualization of success. For instance, if you are on a diet, think of how you would look six months from now if you are disciplined, and self control will come naturally to you.

4. Measure Your Goals


Achieve Your Goals

Set your personal goals and be committed towards achieving them. Evaluate them from time to time. Start putting in more efforts if you feel that you are not reaching your goals. Measuring your goals is an excellent technique for self control and discipline. This technique has proved to be beneficial time and again.

5. Fight That Invisible Enemy


Motivate Yourself To Solve Problems

Think of your temptation or self control issue as an invisible enemy and try to ward it off or fight it. Once you are successful in punching the problem in the face, your self esteem will get a huge boost. The courage to fight temptation will come instinctively and soon you would be reacting and behaving differently.

All these helpful tips can be of great help with those struggling with their thoughts and actions. By following these simple tips and techniques, you will be able to develop self control and experience the big difference this quality will to bring in your life.