Words of Encouragement for Surgery

It is a scary thing to learn that your loved one is scheduled for surgery. Most patients are always scared of the unknown before surgery. Even when assigned the best doctors in the world, the scare rarely leaves. Words of Encouragement to people scheduled for surgery will assure them that everything is under control. Sometimes, people just need that reassurance to get through the process.

  • 1. I will pray for your successful surgery
  • 2. The good news is that once you are through this surgery, your health problem will be solved for all.
  • 3. You are in very safe hands. You will do just fine
  • 4. After this surgery, nothing will stop you from flying higher after your dreams
  • 5. You have to survive through this to live and tell your story.
  • 6. You are a fighter, you will survive this one
  • 7. This procedure will be long done before you know it
  • 8. The good Lord will see you through
  • 9. The strength and zeal you have for life will get you through the surgery
  • 10. Hold on a little longer, before you know it, you will be back on your feet
  • 11. When you wake up from the surgery, I will be right here with you
  • 12. You are a shining star in your life, keep shinning brighter

Regardless of whether it is a minor or major surgery, going under the knife is scary. However, the patient’s mind needs to be in the best mindset to prepare the body for recovery. Words of encouragement prepare patients for a great outcome.

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