The Secret To Prosperity That Most Will Never Discover

The Secret To Prosperity That Most Will Never Discover

The Secret To Prosperity That Most Will Never Discover

 It’s the economy. It’s the poor job market. It’s this organization I work for. There are all kinds of reasons we can give for not getting ahead financially and not prospering. No matter how we define prosperity individually, the majority of us would always like to have more money than we do we would like to have more money saved for a better retired life than we do and we would like to be able to stop worrying about our bills.

The answer, we think, is just to get a bigger raise or a promotion, or to find a new job that will somehow offer a huge salary increase. Prosperity cannot be attained through these factors. Prosperity is a state of being.

1. The One Overriding Principle


Things to Know to Achieve Success

You achieve your definition of prosperity and achieve it permanently not by chasing the next bigger pay check or “sure thing” investment. You achieve it by making yourself more valuable. As your value to others increases, so does your income whether you are employed by someone else or you offer valuable products and services as an entrepreneur. The truth is this We all earn pretty much what the world thinks we are worth.

2. Time on the Job Does Not Equal Value


Habits of Productive People

You’ve heard the words before. “Twenty Habits of Productive Peoplefive years at this job, being loyal to this company, and this is all I have to show for it in the end.” Yes that’s right. Because 25 years on the job does not increase your value to the organization if you have just performed your job well. People who have received the big promotions are those who have demonstrated great value.

3. Here, Then, is the Secret


Believe In Yourself

Instead of working harder at your job, work harder on yourself. Working hard on the job will give you job security and you will make a living working harder on yourself increases your value in the market place, whether that is working for someone else or being an entrepreneur.

When you work to change yourself for the better, things will change for you. You know you can’t change your boss, the company you work for, the government, or the economy. So, stop complaining and go to work to make yourself uniquely valuable. That’s what the financial giants have done and that’s what prosperous business owners have done.

4. Remember That Prosperity is Relative

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Be Confident in Yourself

What is prosperity to Bill Gates may not be your idea of prosperity. You may be thrilled with a prosperity level that is far less than what Gates has. And that is fine. But do not set a dollar amount on what you believe will satisfy you. Stop thinking in terms of money and think in terms of making yourself really valuable the money will come.

Steps to Increase Your Value

steps to increase your value

Now, to increase your value. Here are some things you can do.

  • If you want to completely change your career, then take the necessary steps to do so. Go back to school; start your own business; make your hobby or vocation your career.
  • If you decide to stay in your current career, what can you do to make yourself more valuable? Does it mean going back to school? Does it mean developing expertise in another aspect of the business or industry?
  • If you are an entrepreneur, what can you learn from your successful competitors?
  • Who are the people you can learn from and who would support you?
  • What opportunities are out there for someone of your skill and expertise, even if they involve some risk?
  • What ideas do you have that you could turn into money-making machines?

Here is a little takeaway story that might inspire you. Several years ago a college student by the name of Jessica Eckstrom had an idea. She had a special sensitivity to kids who had cancer. Her idea was to make decorative head-bands for little girls who had lost their hair. She not only wanted a profit-making business but also wanted to garner support for children’s cancer research. So, for every head-band that she sold (and she has expanded to other products too), she donated a head-band to a little girl suffering from cancer. She also gave $1 of the purchase amount to children’s cancer research. Today, she is a millionaire. It was as simple as that – a great idea, a great cause, and a good marketing plan. Everybody wins.

There are no limits to your success as an entrepreneur when you commit to growing to a higher level. Commit to becoming more valuable.