Motivate Yourself for Meditation - Practice Meditation to Overcome Heart Problems

Motivate Yourself for Meditation - Practice Meditation to Overcome Heart Problems

Motivate Yourself for Meditation - Practice Meditation to Overcome Heart Problems

Heart issues or diseases are often a negative byproduct of the rising stress levels. Science has acknowledged a deep connection between mind and the body and while a happy mind echoes a healthy body a depressed mind leads to poor heart health and heart diseases.
Stress is the natural alarm for the body which releases the adrenaline hormone that quickens the breath & abets the BP & heart rate to a menacing level. Thus, one needs to relax the mind and keep it stress-free to overcome the heart problems. 
Meditation is one of the most recommended ways to reduce stress which in turn ensures a healthy heart for you, eliminating threats of bad cardiovascular diseases.

What is Meditation?


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is the ancient art or practice of relaxing the mind by releasing stress through quiet contemplation, deep breathing or sustained concentration on something peaceful or benign. The very object of the sustained concentration could be internal like nice feelings, thoughts, breathing, a beautiful picture that you have in mind or external like a meaningful line or song or some mantra. It’s like a soothing getaway from the regular stress in life for a while.

You can practice meditation for as short as ten minutes or for as long as 60 minutes & more- there is basically no set time-limit or duration to practice meditation.
The sole requirement here is the genuine desire or will to relax & shed the worries for the time being.

Meditation & heart


As meditation helps one to let go of stress, it plays a crucial role in keeping you safe from the heart problems or heart attack- given that stress is a major factor behind the heart issues. Practicing meditation is like rooting out of one of the primary causes behind cardiovascular problems.
People who practice meditation on a regular basis reportedly experience improved mood, better concentration & increased stamina to tolerate situations which they found stressful earlier. Cardiologists have pointed out that meditation brings balance in life and when you lead a balanced life, stress cannot invade you. 
Moreover meditation ensures sound sleep that in turn leads to a relaxed mind- one of the primary elements of a safe and healthy heart.

A lot of studies have been carried out to identify effects of meditation on mind, heart & body. According to an esteemed study carried in 2012, African-Americans with cardiac issues who practiced meditation (transcendental) everyday were 48% less prone to stroke or heart attack or death in comparison to those who did not.
The following points will clear how meditation exactly helps the mind in reducing stress:
> Offer new perspectives to handle stressful situations without raising heart rate.
> Calms mind leading to easy stress management- a disturbed mind is always more prone to get stressed faster.
> Reduce the negative emotions filling mind with positivity that in turn assures a healthy heart.

Meditation forms


One of the most recommended meditation practices to reduce stress and heart risks in transcendental meditation. The transcendental technique encourages your mind to concentrate inward while staying alert to the other sensations and thoughts- but without permitting any interference from them. You can practice this form of meditation by seating calmly with eyes closed, say for twenty minutes.

Another is mindfulness meditation which teaches the mind to focus on a soothing touch or sound- such as beads, chanting, one single mantra or the charming tinkle of bells.
Then, you have tai-chi which is a form of moving meditation- where gentle movements are incorporated to encourage deep concentration & balance. It’s not that all the meditation practices will require you to sit cross-legged.