Uncommon Ways To Be Positive

Uncommon Ways To Be Positive

Uncommon Ways To Be Positive

It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive - Ellen DeGeneres

If you were to Google  "how to be positive" you'd come across over 1 billion results for those keywords. And If you were to Google - "how to think positive" you'd come across half the amount for those keywords. And the average article on this topic covers common tips most of us are aware of.

Mentioned here are some uncommon steps to find positivity.

1. Stay True to Yourself


Believe In Yourself

Be yourself not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of yourself should be - Henry David Thoreau

Some writers will tell you to "meditate" to find positivity. Some bloggers will suggest surrounding yourself with positive people. Neither of them are wrong. But staying true to yourself is one of the best ways to think in a positive way. When you're false, fake, and portraying yourself to be something you're not, positivity doesn't exist. Because you're lying to yourself. That doesn't feel good at all. This leads to negative self talk.

On the flip side of the coin, when you stay true to yourself there's nothing to hide or feel guilty about. Staying true to yourself shows others where they stand, what you'll tolerate, and what you won't.

When you're authentic you make decisions based on your happiness, rather than at the expense of your happiness. And you'll only do things that align with who you are and what you represent.

If you want to truly be positive, stop lying to yourself and start being true to yourself. You'll become a more positive person.

2. Stay True to Your Word


Way To Stay Motivated

I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one's self-respect - Mahatma Gandhi

That's right. By staying true to your word you'll be more positive. If you constantly make promises, claims, pacts and vows that are never fulfilled, you'll lose your self-respect and the respect of others. Loss of self-respect results in low self-esteem and self-image. As a result, you will become a negative person.

People who stay true to their word get the respect they deserve. Being respected enhances one's elf-image and esteem. That helps them to stay and be more positive even when life gets ugly. Honesty builds character and an honest person is a positive person.

3. Write Down Your Goals and Your Dreams


Goals To Achieve Success

Always focus on the front wind-shield and not the rear view mirror - Colin Powell

Life is busy 24/7, and any losses, setbacks or disappointments can overwhelm us. It is so easy to get stuck in the past and focus on the "bad" experiences you face. That's why it is important to write down your goals whenever you are upset. Writing down your goals acts as a miracle tonic.

  •  It keeps you focused on the future.
  •  It reminds you of what you're working towards.
  •  It reinforces your focus.
  • .It keeps you focused on the right thing.
  • It keeps you focused on the positive results you're working towards.

Focus is an important part of being positive. What you're focused on will directly affect your positivity. So focus on your dreams, goals, aims, and future by writing it down often. And make it a ritual to avoid being distracted by any form of negativity.

To summarize this post

  • Stay true to yourself
  • Stay true to your word
  • Write down your goals and your dreams

Do that, and you'll find it much easier to be positive and think positive everyday.