Action Plan for Success

Action Plan for Success

Action Plan for Success

 We all want Success


Strategies To Achieve Success

Success….  Everyone wants it.  Some people seem to achieve it effortlessly while others toil away for years making slow, but steady progress as time moves on.  Still others find it completely elusive and forever seem to chase their holy grail only to find it just out of reach- once more. 

 Winning Formula

winning formula

Achieve Your Goals

Many factors affect what it will take for you to achieve your goal of success.  The winning formula was summed up best by Thomas Edison when he said “Genius (aka success) is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  Regardless of what you want to succeed at, one thing remains the same: you have to work at it. Give it everything you’ve got.  Do you have that kind of determination? Great!  Now you need an action plan.

 Action Plan


Clarity Comes from Action

Generals don’t go into battle without a plan to achieve victory.  Successful dieters don’t begin a diet without an eating plan to follow that will ultimately lead to the desired weight loss.  Olympic athletes don’t go from zero to hero without a detailed training plan designed to catapult them to greatness.  Like many other successful people, you, too, need to create a concrete plan to guide you on your path to success.  When designing your action plan, consider the following guidelines:

  • Identify starting point A, end point B and the length of time you expect it to take to get from point A to point B.
  • Prioritize the things that need to happen for you to reach your goal.
  • Notate important milestones along the way towards achieving your goal.
  • Create mini-goals along the way to help you achieve your project milestones.
  • List concrete steps you can take to achieve your goal.
  • Include “To Do” Lists to help your plan move along.
  • Review and allocate all of your available resources.
  • Consider your budget.
  • Define the basic questions of who, what, when, where, why and how.
  • Factor in your strengths and weaknesses in a way that maximizes your strengths and compensates for your weaknesses.
  • Design a system of accountability to hold you to your plan.  A great plan is pointless without effective following through.
  • Write your plan down.
  • Post your plan where it is easily accessible.
  • Refer back to your plan often.
  • Update your plan as you make progress towards your goal.
  • Above all, keep it simple and achievable.

Six P’s


Self Improvement Plans

Remember the six P’s:  Perfect planning prevents pretty poor performance.  A well thought out plan is worth its weight in gold.  With proper planning, you can turn your dreams into reality.  Success is waiting for you.  Now reach out and grab it with a great action plan!