How To Practice Self Control

How To Practice Self Control

How To Practice Self Control

Self control is the ability to harness yourself, your emotions, thoughts and actions. Developing this quality requires a little self-descipline. It could prove to be tricky as you may have to struggle with the demons within. But once you are able to make it a part of your life, it is a major war won that can alter the quality of your life and give it a positive turn.

Here Are Some Tips on How To Practice Self Control 

1. Meditation

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a great way to fight temptations of the body and mind as it helps you drain all stress and toxicity that hinders your growth and willpower. Take some time out for daily practice of deep breathing and meditation techniques so that you can strengthen your ability to react to situations.

2. Sleep


Find Your Inner Strength

If you are overworked and deprived of sleep, you become susceptible to losing control physically and emotionally. So another way to practice self control is to get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep every day.

3. Take one Step At A Time


Steps Towards Achieving A Goal

When you are committed to practicing self control in certain aspects like diet control or anger control, you need to take one step at time. Don’t expect the unrealistic as it may steer you away from your goals.

4. Chart Your Plan


Action Plan For Success

Charting a plan is another good way to practice self control as a strategy will keep reminding you when you need to get your control back and how you can do it.

5. Reward Yourself


Believe In Yourself

Make sure that you reward yourself when you success in reacting or responding in the right way. A positive word to yourself or a small treat (when you are dieting) can take your motivation level to a new high.

6. And Punish Too


Confidence Building

At the same time, you should punish yourself too when you feel that you have done something wrong or lost control. It is a good way to ensure that the mistake is not repeated in future. It is like the ‘carrot and stick’ approach.

7. Exercise


Motivate Yourself To Exercise

When you seem to lose your focus or control, exercise is an excellent way to get it back. A long walk or cycle ride can help you cool off and resist the temptation.

8. Keep The Triggers Away


Motivate Yourself To Solve Eating Problems

Out of sight means out of mind, and this rule applies to self control practice too. Keep your triggers out of sight so that you are not tempted to lose control.

9. Face The Challenge


Challenges We Face

Learn to face the challenge rather than run away because it makes you stronger and helps you cultivate the quality of self control naturally.

10. The Balancing Act


Stay Resilient In Life

In the end, learn to balance. Mistakes will happen and you may lose control at times but being resilient and emerging stronger will make you win ultimately.

Sow self control as a seed, water it, nurture it and let it grow gradually, so that it becomes a part of you and just you