Self Control Exercises

Self Control Exercises

Self Control Exercises

Self control refers to the ability of a person to exercise control over his or her thoughts and actions, particularly when facing a negative situation. It is a quality which exists naturally in every person in the form of will power, but has to be cultivated and grown with the help of certain exercises and techniques.

Self Control Techniques

 Have Self Control

Here are some self control exercises that can be of help

1. Meditation


Benefits of Meditation

The best exercise for managing your self control is meditation as it imparts amazing strength to both, the body as well as the mind. Just give 10 minutes to deep breathing and meditate everyday and notice the difference in your ability to control your emotions and reactions.

2. Keep a Tab on Your Temptations

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Practice Self Control

Write down your weaknesses and temptations so that you can identify the areas you need to work on. Once you give your weaknesses a tangible form, conquering them becomes a challenge that is less formidable. Frame a diary and have a look at the enemies every day, with the aim of defeating them.

3. Develop Physical Confidence

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Stick to Your Exercise

Working on your body is as important as strengthening your mind, to ensure overall capability. While physical exercise can help you get your mind off temptations, maintaining the correct posture boosts your confidence level and generates the quality of self control in your entire existence.

4. Watch Your Words

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Qualities Of Successful People

You may be using certain words or phrases in your every day speech. However, a useful exercise, which works in developing your self control is watching your words. Make it a point to avoid using these words and phrases and soon you will realize that you are working towards controlling your speech.

5. Opposite Hand Exercise


Self Improvement

Another effective exercise for strengthening self control is the opposite hand exercise, in which you program yourself to use the “other” hand for your daily routine. By doing so, you have to make a conscious effort, which is a great way to make your self control stronger.

6. Appraise Yourself


Talking Yourself Into Success

Measuring your performance is a vital method of self control. You have to be very honest about self appraisal. Whether it is about your diet, spending habits or anger management, each and every aspect has to be appraised and measured in terms of control over your behavior.

7. Create Deadlines


Self Control Techniques

Creating deadlines for every task is a powerful tool for developing self control. Start with short term deadlines and move over to long term ones so that you may get out of bad habits by integrating these into one. Remember to be realistic while framing these deadlines.

8. Resist a Craving Exercise

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Face The Challenge

Challenge yourself by keeping a temptation or craving close at hand. Learning to resist a craving is one of the best exercises for strengthening your will power and self-control.

9. Practice Mindful Decision Making


One Decision will Change Your Life

There are certain decisions and reactions which come instinctively to you. Your mind is programmed to behave in this way and it becomes your second nature. Being mindful about such decisions and reactions is another effective exercise to train your mind and body for developing self control.

10. The Hand Grip Exercise


Self Control Secrets

Always keep a hand grip nearby because it can be of great help to control your anger and temptations. Squeezing a hand-grip is a great way to strengthen your will power and exercise control over your body as well as mind. This will make you a balanced person.

A large number of people have benefited from these self control exercises. Make all these easy exercises a part of your daily routine and they will help you become a more self-controlled person.