Get inspired from Successful Stories of People,
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Edison said that a genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So, behind a successful person, company or product, inspiration has a very important role to play. Practically, inspiration is a magical feeling overwhelming you, or a fairy who just whispered in your ear to get up and give it a try. It is the reason why something becomes a success, and come out the way it is. These inspirational stories of people, companies and products will convey the right ideas, feelings and effects to the readers. After reading these inspirational stories of people, companies and products, you will start looking at things from a different perspective, and find true value while aiming at your goals.

  • Miloš Forman Story

    17th April 2018: The curtains of life finally fall to make ‘Success’ immortal in an individual’s pursuit towards greatness. Death is the biggest ‘failure’ and the ultimate ‘Success’ in a human’s life. No one has escaped from its ...
  • Neeraj Chopra Story

    16th April 2018: History is made by those, who dared to challenge the world. However tough the challenges and difficulties may seem, individuals have raised to the occasion to etch their names in the history books with great success. In the sporting arena, the stiff competitio...
  • Manika Batra Story

    16th April 2018: Success is much sweeter when it keeps multiplying into gold, silver and bronze medals. The immense joy to experience such a chain of success is a rare phenomenon in the world of sports. Manika Batra – India’s Table Tennis sensation create...

  • Michelle-Lee Ahye Story

    11th April 2018: Etching their names in the history books is the ultimate pinnacle for every successful athlete in the world. The ambitious desire may drive an individual from an early childhood or else get inspired, when they see their heroes or idols achieving great success ...
  • Akani Simbine Story

    12th April 2018: In the BOLT era, none of the sprinters could match his stupendous pace in the 100m sprint event. Success eluded many world-class sprinters from various countries under the shadow of the ‘Greatest Sprinter of all time in the World’. Usain ...
  • Hervé Falciani Story

    10th April 2018: The journey of the success of an individual often oscillates like the pendulum, from being selfish to being selfless. There have been many great stories of individuals, who have achieved greater success in life by being selfless rather than being selfish. ...

  • Sloane Stephens Story

    2nd April 2018: In the sporting arena, winning and losing is an integral part of an individual’s growth and success. To be the best among the bests is certainly not a mean feat to emulate in one’s sporting career. American Tennis star Sloane Stephens, the...
  • Cynthia Nixon Story

    27th March 2018: Achieving ‘Success’ is not only the story of inspiration, but also ‘Success’ defines the pinnacle to be above all others. Success provides power to rule over others. Successful individuals around the world have an inkling desire to over...
  • Tai Tzu-ying Story

    22nd March 2018: Success in the world of sports has become more challenging and difficult with stiff competitions at different levels and stages in modern times. Overcoming difficulties and challenges, a sportsperson’s life is full of tribulations, perseverance, hard wor...
  • Vladimir Putin Story

    20th March 2018: The ‘Power of Success’ is the ultimate addiction, which pushes adrenaline in every individual’s soul – in spirit and deeds. Successful journey of political leaders is like an epitaph on the tombstones. ‘Power’ and ‘Suc...
  • Gary Oldman Story

    All successful individuals have gone through various ups and downs in their lives. Persistence, perseverance, optimism and constant hard work have taken the path towards success for the world to acknowledge their mettle. Hollywood actor Gary Oldman is one such name. ...
  • Stephen Hawking's Story

    15th March 2018: In 2006, Stephen Hawking had posed a question on the net, “In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?” How true were his words, as death engulfs the genius mind in its ar...

These inspirational stories are about journeys, thoughts, images, characters and ideas, as a way to clearly understand an inspiration. The more inspired you feel, the more chances you have to realize your full potential, and work towards a project. Success Story is all about finding inspiration, whether it is a person, company or product. These stories will tell you how hard someone had worked to create a dream, what struck these names the most, and the passion that was followed to turn a basic imagination into sheer reality.

There are many successful people, companies and products in the world that have made it happen. Their stories were not necessarily co-incidences. There are tears and sacrifices too. If you aim at creating something extraordinary, then these inspirational stories will help you achieve your goals. There may be times when you feel lost, and are in need of encouragement and support.