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Edison said that a genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So, behind a successful person, company or product, inspiration has a very important role to play. Practically, inspiration is a magical feeling overwhelming you, or a fairy who just whispered in your ear to get up and give it a try. It is the reason why something becomes a success, and come out the way it is. These inspirational stories of people, companies and products will convey the right ideas, feelings and effects to the readers. After reading these inspirational stories of people, companies and products, you will start looking at things from a different perspective, and find true value while aiming at your goals.

Lei Jun Story

Profile Lei Jun is a name you don’t hear quite often. But he is actually the.. People

Irvine Company LLC Story

Profile The Irvine Company is the oldest real estate development company headquart.. Company

Google Allo Story

Profile Google Allo is the latest offering from Google in the form of an instant m.. Product

FaceTime Story

Profile  Available on all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad a.. Product

Vonnie B'Vsean Miller Jr Story

Profile Vonnie B'Vsean Miller Jr., born on March 26, 1989, is an American foot.. People

STMicroelectronics Story

Profile STMicroelectronic has been in business for well over four decades now. The.. Company

Megyn Marie Kelly Story

Profile Megyn Kelly is a familiar name. You’ve probably seen her on TV, read.. People

Macy's, Inc., Story

Profile Macy's Inc. is one of the largest premier retailers founded between 18.. Company

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro Story

He’s one of the biggest names in professional football, and one of the biggest .. People

Mark Cuban Story

Profile Mark Cuban is an American billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist, and in.. People

Virat Kohli Story

In a country where cricket is considered a religion, it isn’t easy to comp.. People

Linda Jean Cordova Carter Story

Profile Lynda Jean Cordova Carter is a multi-talented American personality. She is.. People

John Clifton Bogle Story

Profile John Clifton ‘Jack’ Bogle is the founder of the mutual fund co.. People

Kia Motor Corporation Story

Profile Kia Motors was initially founded as Kyungsung Precision Industry in Decemb.. Company
"If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs" Quotes

Elizabeth Ann Warren Story

Profile Elizabeth Warren is a member of the Democratic Union. She is the senior St.. People

Josep Guardiola Sala Story

Profile Pep Guardiola, a former Spanish football player is the present manager of .. People

Maserati S.p.A. Story

Profile Originally founded by Alfieri Maserati in December 1926, an Italian manufa.. Company

Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. Story

Profile Synchronoss Technologies, Inc (Nasdaq: SNCR) is a provider of mobility sol.. Company

Chesapeake Energy Corporation Story

Profile Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK) based in Oklahoma, USA is a leading producer.. Company

These inspirational stories are about journeys, thoughts, images, characters and ideas, as a way to clearly understand an inspiration. The more inspired you feel, the more chances you have to realize your full potential, and work towards a project. Success Story is all about finding inspiration, whether it is a person, company or product. These stories will tell you how hard someone had worked to create a dream, what struck these names the most, and the passion that was followed to turn a basic imagination into sheer reality.

There are many successful people, companies and products in the world that have made it happen. Their stories were not necessarily co-incidences. There are tears and sacrifices too. If you aim at creating something extraordinary, then these inspirational stories will help you achieve your goals. There may be times when you feel lost, and are in need of encouragement and support.