Famous Personalities in Fashion World

From fashion designers to apparel retailers, the fashion and retail industry has brought some people so much wealth, success and prosperity. When you look at these people with successful careers in the fashion and retail industry, you instantly wonder just how they got there. Here, you will read some inspiring stories of successful people in fashion and retail. While success is achieved only by a combination of hard work, luck and perfect timing, their creation stories can be quite interesting and intriguing. Most of these stories are intriguing, and offer lessons that anyone can learn from and take home.

  • Philip Day Success Story

    Philip Day is a retail entrepreneur who has built a fast-growing empire of British fashion stores under Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group. A British retail mogul, he has always had a passion for creating jobs and has made a name for himself as a saviour of big well-known fashion br...
  • The Legendary Visionary of Athletic Footwear Design: Tinker Hatfield Story

    Profile Over the years, the design of footwear has been constantly changing and evolving, often taking turns that you wouldn't normally expect in its form and, sometimes, function. ...
  • The Singer-Songwriter to the Stars: Sia Furler Story

    Profile The current landscape of pop music today would not be where it is now if not for the significant contributions of Sia Furler. Mononymously referred to by her first n...

Some famous people in the fashion and retail industry opted for unconventional routes, and said ‘yes’ to almost everything in the initial stages of their career. Going that extra mile set them apart from the competitors, and explored their creative capabilities. Some have been successful at combining digital tactics to their passion in fashion. Believe it or not, passion is the key in the fashion industry. As digital field is vital to the stream, you should be ready to learn as well. Taking risks is important too, as any right or wrong decision can have a great impact on the designer’s performance and creativity. A fashion enthusiast should be determined, and be ready to ride a rollercoaster everyday.

These inspiring stories of people in fashion and retail will give you an idea about how they became known names in the fashion and retail industry, and what it took to reach there.