Self Control Techniques

Self Control Techniques

Self Control Techniques

Self control is a behavioral attribute that can make a great difference in your life as it can transform you as a person. If you are able to control your emotions and actions, it is a conquest over your own self. The fact is that this is the toughest battle to win, but the rewards are the sweetest too.

Here are some useful techniques that can be followed to incorporate the quality of self control in your personality:

1. Set Your Goals


Set Smart Goals in Life

First things first, you need to fix your goals to know where you have to reach. Like all things, you need to know in which situations to practice self control. This is the way you can identify the need and deal with it in an effective manner.

2. Draw a Plan of Action


Self Control

After your goals are established, the next thing is to chart out a plan of action, which would help you practice self control. With a proper plan in mind, adhering to it becomes a lot easier and self control will become intrinsic to your nature.

3. Know Your Triggers


 Practice Self Control

If you are looking to practice self control in everyday life, knowing your triggers is a great way to do it. Once you identify your triggers and temptations that are your weakness, the best way is to keep them out of sight and learn to overcome them if they do surface.

4. Meditate


Overcome Stress

Meditation is the best way to strengthen your mind and a strong mind is well equipped to practice self control. Take out 20 minutes daily to focus on your mind and drain out all the negative thoughts. These 20 minutes are well invested to build the foundation of self control.

5. Get Plenty of Rest


Overcome Mental Barriers to Get Relaxed

A mind that is deprived of sleep and rest tends to lose control on more than one occasions, while the one which is restful is better equipped to practice self control. Therefore, getting plenty of sleep and rest is another useful technique for harnessing your mind for the right thoughts and reactions.

6. Cut out the Negativity


Avoid Negative Thoughts

Negativity is the biggest barrier to developing self-control. If you imagine and manifest things in a negative light, you would be prone to adverse reactions. The sensible ting to do would be to get rid of negative thoughts and try to think and behave in a positive manner.

7. Learn to Manage the Stress

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Positive Affirmations for Stress

Learn to overcome stress as stress will most likely drive you to wrong actions and reactions and destroy your self control. Practice de-stressing techniques in your everyday life so that you are able to face all kinds of situations with your enhanced inner strength.

8. Self Introspection


Talking Yourself into Success

Talk to yourself, listen to your inner voice and introspect on your thoughts and actions. It is natural to be imperfect, as self realization and the ability to learn from your mistakes are the first steps on the ladder of developing self control. This will help you grow as a person too.

9. Rewards and Penalties


Boost Your Self Believe

If you think that you have exhibited self control, motivate yourself with simple rewards such as self appreciation. At the same time, don’t hesitate to penalise yourself if you have erred. This technique works both ways; with rewards as well as penalties.

10.Be Realistic


Don’t keep your expectations too high as being realistic is an excellent way to cope with loss of self control. If you are too rigid with yourself and expect too much too soon, the chances of losing it are higher. Being realistic, on the other hand, helps you tackle the biggest of self control issues with sincerity and ingenuity.

All these simple and easy techniques will help you incorporate this amazing quality as a part of your personality. Gradually, you will realize that you have mastered this impeccable art and this will go a long way in improving your life so that it becomes richer and more fulfilling.