Problem Solving Skills For Toddlers

Problem Solving Skills For Toddlers

 Problem Solving Skills For Toddlers

For a Toddler everything around is new and very exciting. This is the time of growth and development for the child and we as parents , teachers and guardians play a very important role for all round development. We need to provide opportunities for all different types of experiences visit to parks , zoo or just nature walks are some. Scheduling the child to play with other children of same age group , childcare or play-school are various methods that encourage the Child to develop ability and skills .

1. Poole

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Positive Birth Affirmations

 All babies are born with Reflexes which are the built in problem solving tools. Within hours of birth the child uses the skill to suck and feed . With growth her automatic responses get replaced by voluntary actions.

2. Looking For Results


Build Positive Thoughts on Children

Babies enjoy a lot when playing with toys which produce interesting reactions to their actions. Toys that make unusual sounds and movements by banging are the ones in which the Toddlers are especially interested in . These experiences are the groundwork for laying foundation to understand cause and effect relationships.

3. Intentional Imitation


Problem Solving Skills Activities

As the Toddler grows to about a year old , the child begins to solve problems through imitation and observation. With growth they learn how to push aside what is right in front oof them and to reach out to the other lying next , another skill added .

4. Trying It All Out


Positive Affirmations For Children

The Child then tries to try everything which is within their reach with the thought in mind  What would happen if another approach to problem solving , by searching for a solution.

5. Recalling Solutions


Steps To Positive Thinking

 By the age group of two , the child begins to use a very useful problem solving tool memory . The Toddler can think about the problem and later on imitate what he / she saw.

6. Focused But Frustrated


Positive Affirmations To Happiness

Three year olds enjoy using their imaginations to solve the problems that arise . They sometimes seem frustrated in their problem solving attempts as they see only one possible solution which may not be workable. For Example if Tony’s Jacket zipper gets stuck he may keep pulling it up convinced that this was the only approach.

7. If At First


Increase Your Patience

The four year olds become adventurous and frequently charge ahead in trying to solve the problems. Though they might need some help and guidance to focus on the actual problem , they will patiently try other different options / solutions.

8. Team Efforts


Team Building

Four year old Toddlers are ready to negotiate with one another. The language skill is developing and helps them work together and engage in group decision making . By practicing they learn to choose from available various solutions.

9. Staying Calm , Positive Thinking


Inner Strength Through Positive Thoughts

Five and Six year olds differ in many ways in thought processes from younger children’s . Their ability to tolerate frustration is one of the important changes. This ability springs from their increased attention span and self-esteem. This emotional maturity also provides them with security to take risks and even make mistakes.

10. No Problem Too Big


Positive Environment

Five and Six year olds have an increased awareness of other people’s problems and begin to grasp large scale issues affecting the planet and can offer their opinions about such problems as pollution , war or endangered animals though they are still young enough to think their solutions will work.

 A supportive Environment which encourages children to regularly explore materials and discuss new ideas is the perfect place for young problem solvers. By encouraging children for trying new approaches and congratulating all their efforts which helps in developing their confidence to experiment without any fear of failure.