Welcome to the inspiring world of quotes with SuccessStory. Believe it or not, the world needs inspiration. It is a human tendency to delve into some kind of motivation every once in a while in order to keep going. Quotes come from some of the greatest personalities that have existed and continue to exist on the earth. These people did not become make things happen in a day.  Likewise, factors like time, life, relationships and hurt need their due amount to space to settle. To be successful, loved or pursue relationships in life, one needs to be patient and driven.

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    The world called her “greatest living female architect”. Apart from the famous neofuturistic buildings, she was also well known for her wisdom that she has imparted through her writings. Born on 31st October ...
  • Quotes by the King of Good Times, Vijay Mallya

    Vijay Malaya- born in the business family is the chairman of the United Breweries group in Karnataka, India. He started his career by replacing his father (after his father's death) to see the growth of the group as the conglomerate or amalgamating company of 60 other comp...
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  • Harrison Ford Quotes

    Harrison Ford is a well-known Hollywood actor & film producer, who has several blockbuster films to his credit & has been nominated Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe Awards & many more. He is known mainly for the films – Star Wars & Indian Jones,...
  • Sachin Bansal Quotes

    Sachin’s appetite for risk has made him an inspiration for many. He is popular for his gutsy and confident attitude. When in an interview he was whether he wants his company to become the Amazon of India, he stated he is intending to become the Flipkart of India. His gut...
  • Mukesh Ambani Quotes

    Mukesh Ambani’s quotes have inspired many people around the world, especially in his country, India. He is a well-known business magnate in India, and of the richest businessmen, not only in ...

There are quotes available for all kinds of factors that steer our life. As stated above, the quotes on life, forgiveness, inspiration, time etc. come from people who have faced their fair share of adversities with life. And these people made it count, fighting their way to success despite all the odds. We do not know what the future holds for us. But these mighty quotes on future actually explain and put sense into some of us who badly lack hope.

Our select quotes coming from the famous personalities in the English speaking world and elsewhere are bound to get your attention and make you think. Have these people really made this happen without that kind of motivation or zeal. That would be simply impossible.

From Johnny Depp to John C Maxwell, from Will Smith to William Arthur Ward, these great men did not simply glide through phases and skip the obstacles. These mighty personalities have actually turned their road blocks into potential advantages. Their quotes precisely speak the tone with same intensity. Their fights to attain the ultimate goal is nothing short of awe and inspiration.

SuccessStory aspires to bring all the best possible quotes that connect with all spheres of life. If you want to be successful, hear from those who were. If you need to learn leadership, our select quotes actually bring in the momentum to your needs. Likewise, if you need your daily dose of Karmic inspiration into relationships, life and the inner meaning of existence, our quotes largely enable you to glide through issues with ease. These quotes come from somewhere real, someplace that had seen the light all the way from dark.

Great stimulating quotes that come from the individuals who have moved the rocks and set fine examples. All real and happening here, at SuccessStory!