How to Motivate yourself on Writing

How to Motivate yourself on Writing

How to Motivate yourself on Writing

Writing creatively is not an innate skill. It is not something you are born with, but something that you will acquire throughout the years. The more you exercise, read, think, brainstorm and try to come up with creative ideas, the better you will become.

However, there are several other tips and tricks that you can use in order to motivate yourself on writing. So let’s check them out.

1. Fake deadlines

Fake deadlines

Habits Of Highly Motivated People

This tip will actually work on motivating you write faster and better than you might believe. Simply ‘imagine’ that the deadline for that 3 page essay is within 2 hours. This is all the time that you have to perform quick research and to come up with creative, brilliant ideas.

At first it might seem awkward and you will feel stressed to write under pressure, but the more you exercise working under tight deadlines, the better you will become. Just test it.

2. Write. No matter what

Write. No matter what

You need to be persistent with your writing. Regardless of your daily tasks, never skip a day of writing. Just commit to writing 2 pages every single day, not matter what. You will slowly become so motivated and committed to writing, that you will actually increase your daily ‘dose’ of writing. This is what being motivated means.

3. No more distractions

No more distractions

In order to stay motivated, you need to stay focused on what you do. You can’t actually be in the middle of a good creative process while browsing Facebook pictures, or receiving messages on Skype. You need to shut down all these distractions, and you will see that you can deliver very good quality work within a very short timeframe. Just disconnect those chat apps!

4. Write about what you love

Write about what you love

In order to be able to write creatively on any subject, you first need to write about what you love. What are your most inspirational movies? What is you most favorite topic/subject in the world? What is the poem that makes you truly inspired? Now start writing about these things, and you will increase your passion and motivation levels for writing. You will see how easily your creativity and passion are reflected on paper, when you write about something that you simply adore.

5. Use writing tools

Use writing tools

Now it is time to turn to the Internet, but only for a few important apps that help you increase your productivity and motivation.

6. Your emotions play an important role

Your emotions play an important role

In order to increase your motivation and inspiration levels, try to write under different emotional states. Write when you are thrilled, and write when you are sad. Even the best authors in history have come up with the most brilliant and creative ideas when under feelings of anger, anxiety or extreme happiness. Just don’t give up writing, and let your emotions drive you.

7. Writing different pieces of text

Writing different pieces of text

You don’t necessarily have to write a novel or a short story if you don’t feel like it. You can write short entries in your daily journal, or write a short poem. You can write creative random phrases or descriptions. You can write about anything you feel comfortable with, and you will notice that your motivation levels increase greatly as you write more and more.

8. Pen and paper instead of internet

Pen and paper instead of internet

Technology has a huge impact on our lives, on all possible levels. However, you may be too immersed into this internet world, and this is why you lack the motivation. Switch off your laptop and internet, and take pen and paper to write. You may be extremely amazed at the kind of creativity you have in you, but you weren’t able to express because the Internet was always there. Just write traditionally, like they did ages ago…by using your favorite pen and paper.