Self Control Activities

Self Control Activities

Self Control Activities

Self control is a positive behavioral trait that makes you deal better with negative situations in a better way. It is the ability to control your emotions, actions and responses, like anger, lust, jealousy and temptation. Once you learn to train your body and mind to act according to your will, you become a better person and can live a positive life in all aspects.

Here are some activities which can help you cultivate the quality of self control:

1. Meditation

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Meditation to Overcome Problems

Meditation is the exercise of the mind, which helps you strengthen the emotional and spiritual energies so that they can be used for making you a strong willed person. A person with strong will power can control all the negative emotions and become a balanced individual in every aspect.

2. Yoga

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Overcome Mental Barriers To Relax

Just as meditation heals and strengthens the mind, yoga imparts you physical strength and balance. There are specific asanas, which aid the body and mind to get rid of toxins and promote physical and mental harmony. A body and mind that is fit and balanced can be great at practicing self control.

3. Stress Management


Manage Stress

Stress is the major culprit that breeds insecurity and make you think and act in the wrong way. If you learn to manage the stress that invades your system, your battle against loss of self control is half won. Here too, self control activities like getting good sleep and deep breathing help.

4. Anger Management

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Cure Your Emotional Hangover

Anger is the worst enemy of self control. You have to conquer to control your body and mind. This emotion is very detrimental, and you may not even realize that what you are doing is wrong. Things become a lot easier if you learn anger management.

5. The Blink Game

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Practice Self Control

Blinking of eyes is a natural instinct and a person who can delay this instinct can inculcate the quality of self control and make it an intrinsic part of his/her personality. You can play this game in the mirror or engage a partner. The longer you can focus on not blinking, the more self control you have.

6. T’ai Chi

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Practice Relentlessly

Practicing the Chinese martial art called T’ai Chi is a good way to master the art of self control as it involves subtle and flowing movements, along with a great deal of focus and concentration. Regular practice of this art form will helping in developing and practicing self-control.

7. Being Proactive


Increase Your Positivity

Don’t wait for things to happen to react. Rather, learn to be proactive and picture things in your mind, planning how you would react to negative situations when and if they should arise. Develop the virtues like patience and forgiveness as a part of your personality so that your reactions are more controlled.

8. Self Talk

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Boost Your Self Believe

Self introspection is one of the best and most effective self control activities as it enables you to know where you stand. Be positive in your thoughts and actions and talk to yourself. Convince yourself that you should behave in a certain way when adverse situations do arise.

9. Dealing with Authority


Be Successful In Business

Many a times you might encounter situations in which you have to face authority. Dealing with authority can be tough but if you program your mind to handle this situation in a positive light, you will be able to cope with it in a more controlled manner.

10. Reward and Punishment

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Rewards Recognition Do Right

Another useful self control activity is the game of reward and punishment, which involves rewarding yourself when you act in the right way. Similarly, punishing yourself for the lack of self control is an equally important step in this direction. This game acts as an incentive for building self control.

These activities should be practiced at all ages and even young children should be encouraged to go ahead with them so that they grow up to be balanced and positive individuals. Try out all these activities and strengthen your will power and self control to become an entirely new and positive person.