Courage is a Faith – Practice Relentlessly

Courage is a Faith – Practice Relentlessly

Courage is a Faith – Practice Relentlessly

The law of courage gives you the strength to overcome your-real or imagined fears. Human beings lose their courage and hope in the face of a grave problem. It is seen that whenever there is a catastrophe in our lives, we waste out time and energy concentrating on “ifs rather than thinking of “how” to handle the situation.

Courage is a vital tool and a great attribute, which teaches us how to be calm and proactive to find the correct solution in order to vitiate the impending disaster. You must have enough faith to overcome fear- the most detrimental factor to progress in life.

Some people are courageous by birth, some others acquire the same by practice, but most of us are defeated because mentally we are not able to garner enough courage at the right moment. For example, you are appearing for an examination and you feel cornered because of parental pressure.

You succumb to this pressure and start thinking in a negative manner.  Benjamin Disraeli rightly said “We are not creatures of circumstances; we are creators of circumstances”.  If you apply this principle in your life, most of the time, you will find the courage to face any adversity. 

The six factors which can make you courageous in life are; “Hope”, “Assurance”, “Comfort”, “Trust”, “Patience” and “Perseverance”.    

1. Hope


Become a Winner

If  you do not lose hope, you will find that all the difficulties, sorrows, sickness and trouble in the world cannot bother you. As everybody knows the famous saying “Where there is a life, there is hope”.  But it can be put in another way “When there is a hope, there is a life”. 

2. Assurance


Positive Attitude 

Assurance is that vital factor, which can enliven you. If you think that you can achieve, then you will achieve.  One of the most powerful traits in human nature is that when you exhibit a positive attitude and believe in yourself and your abilities, you will automatically create a situation where all good things will come your way. 

3. Comfort


You Are Always Fighting

Having the courage to fight your difficulties also means having the courage to accept failure. You will find a lot of comfort once you acknowledge that you have failed at an endeavour. You need to be at peace with yourself to tackle tough situations. The comfort that you will feel on admitting to the reality at hand will give you the courage to find a solution. 

4. Trust


Trust Your Instincts

Trust is a thing that has no fixed formula.  We know 2+2 = 4 and 2 x 2 = 4.  But, the power of trust cannot be proved by any calculation.  It is only a feeling.  Sometimes, we put our life into the hands of people we do not even know.  For example, when you are severely sick, you are treated by a doctor whom you may not know.  But you begin to recover. What happens is that you have put all your trust in him and shown the courage to think positively and trusted his abilites. 

5. Patience


Value of Patience

“Every cloud has a silver lining”! You must realize that just as good times are not forever, neither are difficult times. In the face of a problem or a challenging situation, show patience. If something fails to materialize the first time, be patient and try again. You never know, you may succeed the second time round. Patience is a virtue that needs to be inculcated to become truly courageous.

6. Perseverance


Law of Perseverance

The quality of perseverance will definitely make you bold and courageous. Don’t give up in the face of a calamity. Keep your composure and be determined to tackle your problems. Nothing is larger than life and there is nothing that cannot be resolved. Tough times will teach you patience and humility and the resolve to face the challenges will give you the courage to surge ahead in life.  Shakespeare said- “Much rain wears the marble”.

Courage is not a commodity that can be purchased but if you practice applying the “how thinking” principle, you will  overcome your inner fears and doubts and find the courage to face the challenges that life throws at you.