Team Building Activities for Teens

Team Building Activities for Teens

Team Building Activities for Teens

The real benefits of Team Building activities are to provide the teens with the essential skills of problem solving, working together, leadership and understanding others. These activities need to be run in such a manner that they bring out the best of every individual. A glance at some of the team building activities for teens are as follows:

1. Drops


Drops are where you drop the teenagers at one place. They have to work out to reach a location within a specified period. One can make it easier by taking them to a tall building where they can see the start point.

2. Sailing


One way to get the teens together is to send them on a sailing day. The leader will teach them on how to work as a crew, and in the process also learns a new skill.

3. Balance on Brick

balance on brick

How many of you can balance on a brick at once? One can use any item to keep on hand, such as a milk crate. The key is to understand how many such crates one can handle at a time and balance.

4. Blindfold Instructions

blindfold instructions

The game involves a scenario where a particular member is blindfolded and is given instructions by a voice from the other members. Only one team needs to go as there is bound to be unwanted confusion.

5. Construction


You need to encourage the team members to build something. This is a great way for troubled teens as when they are given physical tasks one can see the result of the labor.

6. Lego Structure

lego structure

You need to make a Lego structure of different colored bricks and place it in the next room. Each team is given the task of building the structure in the same manner. The rule is that only one member is allowed to go from the group and see the structure.

7. Extensive Games

extensive games

They are played over a large area, and the most common game among them is to plant a flag. One team of teens defends the base while the others try to retrieve, capture the flag and return to the base.

If anyone asks a teenager to accomplish a task, then they are sure to be confronted with a variety of answers. But when the same work is presented in a challenging manner things tend to be done in a straightforward way. You are almost sure to receive a positive response for sure.