Team Building Activities for Youth

Team Building Activities for Youth

Team Building Activities for Youth

Team building activities aim at developing relationships and fosters a unique sense of identity within the group. Getting everyone to work involves more than a pep talk. These ranges of exercises mentioned below are designed in such a manner that it helps the younger group to work together. So here is a list of team building activities for the youth, which are as follows

1. Do not Wake the Dragon

do not wake the dragon

This exercise is good for a young age group. The children are villagers who are under attack by a nasty dragon. To save the village they need to stand in the order of tallest to shortest and counter the dragon.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Game

toilet paper roll game

The group has to sit in a circle and each person needs to pull over paper and make as many squares as they need. You need to continue passing the squares till it is empty.

3. Blanket Volleyball

blanket volleyball

You need to divide the group into two. Each group needs to be handed over a sheet of paper and have each member grab a piece of paper. The ball should be sent to the other group using the sheet.

4. Tug of War

tug of war

It is an inevitable option when it comes to the question of building unity in a group. But it also develops a positive spirit among the team members of the group.

5. Pass the Hula Hoop

pass the hula hoop

The kids should stand in one line holding the Hula hoop over their arm. Everyone should work in unity as they need to shove the hula hoop over their weapons and pass it over to the other partner without breaking the chain in any way

6. Human Knot

human knot

The group needs to stand in a circle, and each person grabs the hands of the other person across the circle. The group needs to work together to break the human knot. In fact, it is a game of flexibility along with humor

7. Outdoor Games

outdoor games

A game in the afternoon on the ground can be an excellent way to create unity among the kids and their coaches without their knowledge. It can help one get familiar with each other easily.

To sum it up, when you ask an individual to accomplish a certain task, you are bound to be confronted with the question of why should I do this? But when the same work is presented in a challenging manner, the results are bound to be encouraging, and they will strive to get the desired outcomes in the best possible way.