Self Control Secrets

Self Control Secrets

Self Control Secrets

Self control is a quality which is a necessity, especially in present times. Sadly it is a rarity. A person who can exercise control over his or her emotions and actions can conquer the biggest challenges. Self-control is an art that needs to be inculcated.

Here are 10 secrets that will help you develop the wonderful quality of self-control

1. Meditation


Motivate Yourself for Meditation

Meditation is the key to self control as it is the secret to unlock the power of the mind and the body. People who follow a regular meditation routine become emotionally and physically stronger and can exercise control over their negative feelings in adverse situations.

2. Physical Exercise


 Larger Perspective to Exercise

Just like meditation and deep breathing trains the mind, physical exercise makes you physically stronger and shifts your focus towards the positive things in life. It alters your outlook to life. Therefore, you should indulge in regular physical exercise if you wish to have a better control over your situation and life.

3. Eat Well


 Resolve Your Eating Problems

Eating well is another secret to cultivating self control because a hungry stomach has a detrimental impact on your will power. As you starve, your body gets depleted of energy and the mind loses focus. Hence, eating well is a good way to replenish the strength of your body and mind.

4. Sleep and Rest


Peace of Mind

Plenty of sleep and rest is another thing that empowers you with self control. If you deprive yourself of good sleep and rest, it leads to rise in stress levels and this has an ill effect on your ability to control your thoughts and actions. On the other hand, physical and mental rest makes your self control stronger.

5. Plan Your Strategy


Action Plan for Success

Planning your strategy is also a secret that opens the doors of self control as it has you prepared for all the contingencies you are likely to face. As a result, you will be prepared to face any situation and plan the way you would tackle it with your thoughts and reactions.

6. Give Yourself Time


Become a Time Traveller

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to self control because there are chances that you would lose it at the spur of moment. Conversely, you can take some time to appraise your reaction and behave in a more controlled manner when you come across a tricky situation.

7. Be Realistic


Real Secret to Success

If you want to make self control a part of your character, you need to be realistic about your expectations. You need to realize that erring is human and it is all right to lose control at times. As you practice training your mind, sooner or later you would be able to gain control over it.

8. Appraise Yourself


Measuring your performance in terms of self control is another way to acquire self control. When you do lose it, try to find out the reason why it has happened so that you can prevent the situation from being repeated in the future.

9. Rewards and Penalties


Rewards Recognition Done Right

A great way to inculcate this powerful personality trait is to reward yourself when you exhibit self-control and penalize yourself when you fail to do so. Honesty is crucial here because you are judging yourself. Remember that you are your best judge.

10. Perseverance


Increase Your Patience

The biggest secret of self control is perseverance since it helps you to sustain. It is easy to get discouraged when you lose control time and again but patience and perseverance will help you inculcate this quality.

These little hints will help a person develop and nurture the quality of self-control. A person who is able to achieve control over his body and mind becomes a master of his destiny and contentment, happiness and success become his allies.