Overcome four Mental Barriers to get Relaxed

Overcome four Mental Barriers to get Relaxed

Overcome four Mental Barriers to get Relaxed

I have been a workaholic throughout my life believing that getting more things done is the key to the next level of success. I understood that all I have to do to have a great life is to work hard and stay focused from sun up to sun down. I built restaurants, ran marathons, grew my online presence, and also grew my family. Adding more responsibilities with each passing year I now find myself tired, worn out, and depressed.

In fact I think this is the case for most of the adults. After graduating from high school or college we join the work force, climb the growth ladder, initiate a family, buy a house, and save for retirement and thus keep on piling responsibilities. From care free to stressed-out we cram our schedule in such a way that leisure and rest seem to be a luxury we can’t afford. The problem is that the reverse is usually the case.

We can’t afford a life lack of rest and margin. A hectic life ends up in depression, and it did the same for me. I appeared to be a successful individual but I was depressed from within with having ailments like high blood pressure and excessive anxiety. Bogged down by the ever increasing pressure I felt like killing myself and escape in a sly. I realized, a break from hectic life was the all I needed. But it wasn’t easy for me. I inaccurately hated leisure for years as I considered it being lazy. So, I had to do away with some mental roadblocks to be able to take rest and enjoy life.

Destroy these 4 mental blocks and rest

1. Self-worth and Work

self love

Practice Self-Love

Too often our identity gets wrapped up into what we do to support ourselves financially. We reduce ourselves down to a vocation and struggle to strike a balance between work and personal life. We must value our ‘self’ and admit, work is an aspect of life, not all of life.

2. I will Rest Later 

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Improve Self Confidence

This had been my favorite inspiring line for years. I would always put rest as secondary to building wealth and used to think, ‘let’s settle down a bit first’. Thus I had spent countless hours and days and months without a little bit of rest. There will always be a reason to avoid rest, but do it anyway.

3. Rest is Selfish

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How People Affect Your Success

Rest seemed to me self-serving at first. The time I spend on resting should be used with my family or with my team members. I could help people instead of watching the sunset or sitting by the river fishing. What rest taught me is that I was more engaged with it. I had energy to be the man my family needed me to be.

4. I am Efficient without Rest

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Style Yourself Out of a Fitness Slump

This was the biggest illusion for me. I actually was better at work. I had more creativity and was more efficient. But after taking short intervals my energy and speed increased dramatically. Rest actually gave me the stamina to walk those extra miles.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and each day is a gift. Stop, slow down, and treat it with more care.