Increase Your Positivity Using These Simple Mind Tricks

Increase Your Positivity Using These Simple Mind Tricks

Increase Your Positivity Using These Simple Mind Tricks

Is there a positivity secret that we are missing? Can anyone see the glass as half full rather than half empty? How can you turn around your negative perspective so you can feel more positive?

This article will teach you the 10 ways to be positive    

1. Reframe Your Negative Goals

Reframe Your Negative Goals

You focus, emotionally, on the way you frame your goals.

If you want to “lose weight” you will focus on being “overweight”, this negative perspective creates negative emotions which are highly un-motivational. But, if you focus on “living a healthy lifestyle” you feel optimistic as your goal is framed in the positive. This technique works because we visualize what we say/the goals we set. If you visualize “lose weight” you imagine being “over-weight” which has negative emotional associations attached to it. To be more positive frame each negative goal as a positive goal by stating the positive outcome you want to achieve, rather than the thing you want to move away from

2. Turn Up The Beats

Turn Up The Beats

Loud, upbeat music is a state changer

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, turn on and turn up the beat, you will automatically start to feel good. To increase your motivation and positivity, dance like no-one is watching. When you dance you change your physiology and your physiology changes your state. 

Tip – Have a play list of upbeat tunes ready for those afternoon meetings that get you down

3. Three Step Goals

Three Step Goals

Your mind can only think about a few things at any one time

Goals with hundreds of steps/actions creates the feeling of suffocation. To stop feeling overwhelmed chunk these actions into 3 -5 manageable steps. Each time you complete a step tick this step off and feel the rush of positively through your body. We are highly motivated as we see ourselves moving forward. With big goals, break these down into 3 smaller goals, each goal with 3 steps.

4. Flirt with your Refection

Flirt with your Refection

Stand in front of a mirror and have a flirt with yourself 

List all the nice, sexy, interesting things about yourself. Don’t be shy, and state the wonderful personality traits that you have, list your values and remind yourself of all the complements you received last week. Don’t question these, just state them and say them out loud

5. Laugher Therapy

Laugher Therapy

Laugh each day for 5- 10 minutes. 

When we laugh our facial expressions and physiology changes and this external change, changes your internal state. Even a forced laugh makes you feel better. Listening to others laugh also works well as a state changer which is why comedy shows use canned laughter. Laugher is a positive emotion, the more you laugh the more positive you become. Laugher can even change your perspective of a situation

6. Challenge Your Beliefs

Challenge Your Beliefs

You are what you believe

If you truly believe something negative about yourself you will find evidence to back up this belief; if you believe you are rubbish at your job you will remember every mistake you make and forget all the task you successfully completed. Challenge these limiting beliefs by questioning them; what did I do well? What positive things did my manager say in my work appraisal?  What are my key skills?

7. Exercise The Stress

Exercise The Stress

Exercise is a great stress booster

The more you exercise the better you will feel. Not only does exercise change your physiology, make you healthier, it uses the built up stress as energy. Exercise your body and you exercise your mind. Exercise is also a form of physical mediation. Without the stresses of your daily task bothering you, you are free to let your thoughts wonder, often finding solutions to problems (a lightbulb moment) without having to think about them 

8. Positive Perspective

Positive Perspective

Your mood changes your perspective

When asked a question, challenged or simply involved in a conversation, your positive or negative emotional state effects how you interpret the communication, this perspective of a situation would vary depending on your mood. If you change your mood you will change your perspective. You can break your current state by moving, listening to music, relaxing or taking deep breaths. Also, try to look at a situation from other peoples point of view, as gaining an insight on their perspective changes the perceived premise of the communication

9. Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Write 5 positive affirmations

these can’t be any old rubbish, or stolen affirmations of the internet. To make Positive Affirmations work for you, to increase positivity, you have to write affirmations that mean something to you, they have to be record in a positive frame and most importantly aligned to your personal values.

Repeat these 5 personal affirmations to yourself at least once a day in a loud confident voice

10. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

If your glass is half empty fill it up

To be positive you need to take the “half full” glass of water perspective. In every situation look for the positives, the learning curve and take the optimistic viewpoint. 

Soon this conscious behaviour will become an ingrained habit helping you to naturally be more positive