6 Ways To Cure An Emotional Hangover

An “emotional hangover” is similar to a typical hangover in which you remember certain details from the day before, you might feel guilty about something that transpired (even if you did nothing wrong).

Gain Your Emotional Intelligence

Your body may feel stressed or tired, and you would rather just rest. This state of emotional exhaustion can last all day, a few days, or even weeks. Some people recover from “emotional hangovers” very well, while others may plunge deeper and deeper into despair. At this point it will be essential to pursue medical or mental health services.

It will also be important to care for yourself in appropriate ways so that you can bounce back as a healthy new person. Here is a listing of self-care tools that you can use to help you bounce back from an “emotional hangover”

1. Exercise


Style Yourself Out of a Fitness Slump

Exercise is extremely important for people under chronic stress. Stress, at very high levels, reduces the body’s ability to cope. Our stress mechanism turns on when we need to act quickly (fight or flight) and turns off when we don’t need it. While under chronic stress, the stress mechanism turns on for no apparent reason.

So the body is in a state of constant anxiety. To reduce this, you want to move around: take a walk, jog, clean, or try my favorite activity Zumba.

2. Eat Well

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Recipe for Recovery

Eating well is very beneficial (leafy green veggies, wheat/whole grains, fruits, etc.) so that your mood can be stabilized. Proper nutrition has a positive influence over mood and can act as a natural medicine.

3. Have a Good Cry


Overcome Stress

Sometimes you simply need to cry by yourself or to a trusted, loving person. Crying is something that not only emotionally releases tension but also helps “unload” the heart. It’s catharsis.

4. Prayer or Self-reflection


Benefits of Meditation

Spending time in prayer is wonderful once you learn how to speak your heart and mind. Just start talking from your heart…that’s all you have to do. Spend some time alone (30min) ironing out what bothers you. Reflect and think out loud. Write a Journal or audio record yourself speaking about your emotions and challenges.

5. Engage in a Psychological Retreat


Live Happier with Positive Thoughts

If you are feeling overwhelmed, get away! Do something healthy to remove yourself psychologically from your immediate environment. Think about something that makes you happy, listen to music, or take a walk. Travel, try that new story you have wanted to try, or take a walk through a park.

6. Engage in Introspection


Start Your Day Feeling Good

looing within for emotions or thoughts before you get out of bed in the morning can be very beneficial. I am a big proponent of self-reflection and spiritual pursuit. You will be amazed at what you can find out about yourself. You might even find the motivation to change some behaviors or habits you don’t particularly like.

ByTamara Hill

Tamara Hill, MS, NCC, LPC-BE, is a therapist who specializes in working with children and adolescents who suffer from mood disorders and disruptive behavioral disorders. Hill strives to help patients to realize and actualize their strengths in both their home environments and in their relationships with the community. She credits her career passion to a “divine calling” and is internationally recognized for corresponding literary works as well as appearances on radio and other media platforms.

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