Top 9 Stress Management Techniques

Top 9 Stress Management Techniques

Top 9 Stress Management Techniques

A nonchalant lifestyle in the 21st century cannot be considered as ubiquitous.  Before we delve into the aspects of stress management, we have to clearly define what actually stress is and how it affects the tempo of our mind and body.  Scientifically stress is defined as a tension exerted on an individual due to atmospheric conditions or social needs.  Stressors can be social, occupational, or environmental.

Stressors can cause an increased hormonal imbalance leading to uneven levels of cortisol and epinephrine, which is fatal to heart and arteries.  While cortisol can make arteries constricted; epinephrine can increase the beats of the heart.  This hormonal imbalance may even lead to heart attacks.  Some of the signs of stress may include the following

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Weight gain 
  • Frequent common cold 
  • Low libido 
  • Decreased appetite 
  • Musculoskeletal joint pains

It had also been proven that stress may even act upon any particular organ of your body, so next time if your physician states that your shoulder pain is due to stress do not get annoyed.

 Stressed can be managed both conventionally and medically.  One may prefer conventional methods for stress management rather than therapeutic options.  Traditional methods of stress management include the following

1. Yoga/Meditation


Benefits of Meditation

Proven to be the most effective forms stress management measure of the present generation.  In an internet-driven civilization, Yoga and meditation have more to offer for stress management.  Yogic body postures such as Savasana, Padmasana, Adho Mukha, Svanasana, and Balasana are said to be of great use in reliving stress. 

Meditation may also include solely concentrating on inhaling air in and out, slowly and steadily, and can be a real stress buster.  Equanimity of mind and body can be achieved through these simple breathing techniques. ( Yoga Mat for Your Mouth )

 2. Good Sleep


Healthy Mind

Sleep is considered to be a stress reliever.  A good sleep is worth more than a 1000 battles won.  Before fighting your hardships make sure that you have a goodnight sleep every day.  Sleep is the body’s natural mechanism of restoring equanimity.

3. Regular Exercise

healthy mind

Style Yourself Out of a Fitness Slump

A regular simple exercise program can be an effective measure in stress control.  If your job is sedentary and computer-based, simple techniques such as use of ergonomic keyboards, low-screen radiation, regular intervals, and small sips of water can relive much of your physical and mental stress to the body.

4. Humorous Lifestyle

start and end your day feeling good

Start Your Day Feeling Good

Life is not as serious as you think.  It is all that we make complications.  Make sure to live a witty kind of lifestyle.  Being comical and funny can be another form of stress buster.  Make every long day as humorous as it can be to help the mind to be light weighted.

5. Counselling


If you are unable to manage stress yourself, you can always consult a psychologist, psychiatrist, or even a good friend in your vicinity.

6. Be Communicative and Social


Another form of reliving is stress being as communicative as you can.  Being extrovert in approach makes your heart lighter.  Keep talking to your mind as well remember the brain has too many personalities.

7. Going for Holidays


Stop mechanical job style, staying in your cubicle for long periods may become more banal to you and can be strenuous, take a long break, go to a landscape, amusement park, or anything that makes you peaceful.

8. Healthy diet


A healthy mind resides in healthy body.  Stop eating foods high in sodium, oil content, and red meat products.  Make a vegan diet and keep yourself feel like a feather in the air.

9. Medical options


Therapeutic methods are generally not recommended because of the medication side effects, consult your physician before you pop-in any pills or self-medicate yourself.