13 Most Effective Team Building Activities for Employees

13 Most Effective Team Building Activities for Employees

13 Most Effective Team Building Activities for Employees

It would not be an exaggeration to say that team building is one of the biggest challenges that any company faces in today’s age. With globalization making people of different cultures and countries from all over the world come together on board the same projects, it is essential to unite them into a team for them to achieve the same vision and goals.

To do so, one could use various team building activities that have worked wonders for many.

1. A Truth and a Lie - which one is which?

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This is an easy and fun activity which can be played in any group - large or small. Each member of the team will have to make two statements about themselves, one true and one false. The rest are to guess which one is which.

2. Let the Egg Drop!

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This is an exciting activity where each team would be given an egg and they have to create a packet which can stop it from breaking when dropped from two stories above. The raw materials which can be used are newspapers, straw, cotton, duct tape, or anything else that one can creatively come up with.

3. Paintball Everyone!

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There is no better way to build your repo with your colleagues than shooting your boss with a smile. It also helps in finding the strategy masters of your team.

4. Team Luncheons

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What better way to bond with your team than a free-flowing conversation with a serving of delicious food.

5. Food Challenge

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Give 5 muffins to each of the team members. They are to sell these to their colleagues by marketing them for the unique magical qualities they have (my muffins made people receive two pay checks at the month instead of one). Whoever can raise the most funds wins! The collected amount can be donated to charity to cultivate good will.

6. Secret Santa with a Twist

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Each team member gets a gift and put it in a sack without showing it to anyone. Then everyone fishes out one gift for themselves!

7. One Voice, One Count

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All the team members stand in a circle and are to count up to the same number as they are. But each number should be shouted out by one person only. If the voices overlap, you have to start again.

8. Karaoke Party

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Singing and dancing make great conversations and friends. All members sing together and dance to the song.

9. Cook a Story

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One person starts with an opening line and every member has to add one interesting twist to the narrative in their turn. It should cook the most amazing story they have ever heard.

10. Crazy Collection

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Each member of the team has to go around the office to collect 10 watches of different brands. Whoever finishes first wins. This activity can be varied to include different currencies, goggles, etc.

11. Build a Comic

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Cut up a comic strip and give one picture to each team member. They have to put them in the right order without showing the pictures to each other but they can describe what is shown in their picture.

12. Chinese Whisper

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All people sit in a circle and then one team member starts a whisper. If he/she receives the same whisper back after it has been passed through the circle, the team wins.

13. Draw a Doodle

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One of the team members is given a picture. He/she will describe it to the other members who will draw it on separate sheets of paper. If any of the doodles comes close to the real picture, the team wins!