Most Expensive Cities for Expats

Most Expensive Cities for Expats

Most Expensive Cities for Expats

Emigrating to a new country is obviously an expensive endeavor to undertake. It is a nature that people always try keeping costs down. It can be accomplished not just through some practical steps before moving line selling the possessions that are needed no longer and making comparison between reliable moving services, but also by doing research and getting ready to face the expenses of the city.

You need to be aware of the most expensive cities for the expats and the cost of living in those cities as estimated by the survey.

1. Launda, Angola

launda, angola

Launda, the capital city of Angola emerged to be the world’s most expensive city for expats as per the annual survey estimated by a popular organization. This city retains the number one position for the past 3 years due to the high cost of rent, security and imported goods in the oil-rich nation.

2. Hong Kong, Southeastern China

hong kong, southeastern china

Hong Kong occupies the second spot in the list of most expensive cities of expats, which is a reflection of the comparative pliability of its local currency, Hong Kong dollar that is pegged to the greenback.

3. Zurich, Switzerland

zurich, switzerland

Zurich, being the largest city in Switzerland located at the north-central part of the country is already a contemporary destination for various purposes, having a unique blend of attractions.

4. Singapore, Southern Malaysia


Singapore remains as the most dynamic city among the Asian expatriates, as per a new study. The reduced crime rate and the excellent infrastructure have long been considered as the two strongest reasons stated by the expats for loving Singapore.

5. Geneva, Switzerland

geneva, switzerland

Another most popular city after Zurich in Switzerland, Geneva is also regarded as the most expensive city for the expatriates, considering the cost living and the infrastructural facilities.

6. Shanghai, China

shanghai, china

7. Beijing, China

beijing, china

8. Seoul, South Korea

seoul, south korea

9. Bern, Switzerland

bern, switzerland

10. N'Djamena, Chad

n djamena, chad

Going to be an expat? The aforementioned list would be useful in making a decision to become an expatriate.