Most Expensive Air Jordan Shoes

Most Expensive Air Jordan Shoes

Most Expensive Air Jordan Shoes

The pair of basketball shoes with the Jumpman logo must be expensive. The sneaker line of one of the best basketball player, Michael Jordan's brand has established itself as one of most favorite sneakers. It has been a symbol of high performance of sneakers from a long time.

It's one of the most reliable brand in the sneakers world. Now Jordan shoes are most expensive shoes in the world. They are all known for the immaculate designs and the comfort they provide. The company is still flourishing and is likely to rule the market in near future too.

1. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game : Price - $104,000

air jordan 12 flu game

This pair of shoe is the most expensive Air show you can ever purchase. It's from the time of Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. When Jordan got the flue and he was very weak to play the game. But the Airness built in all the courage in him and went all out.

2. Air Jordan 12 OVO : Price - $100,000

air jordan 12 ovo

This pair has an amazing theory too. It was thrown to fan, a lady fan. It was done during Drake's Night at the Toronto Raptors. Immediately after that, the shoes were put for auction.

3. Air Jordan 2 OG : Price - $31,000

air jordan 2 og

This model was not very popular among the basketball fans. But still it got an amazing price. It was an old shoe and the owner didn't cared properly for it . But still it graped a place in sports museum.

4. Air Jordan 1 Black and Gold : Price - $25,000

air jordan 1 black and gold

It was really most favorite Jordan pair. And it was rereleased many time after its introduction in market. It has an astounding black and metallic gold colourway. Only one dozen pair was introduced and deman was so high.

5. Air Jordan 1 1985 ASG : Price - $21,780

air jordan 1 1985 asg

6. Air Jordan 10 OVO : Price - $20,000

air jordan 10 ovo

7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout : Price - $11,267

air jordan 11 blackout

8. Air Jordan V SE : Price - $10,000

air jordan v se

9. Air Jordan VI 1992 Olympics : Price - $7,200

air jordan vi 1992 olympics

10. Air Jordan III OG : Price - $4,500

air jordan iii og

These were the brilliant pair of Jordan shoes and most expensive ever auctioned. They are all extremely popular and owning them is actually more like owning a luxury.