The Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in England

England is a place where one is a part of wonderful restaurant delights which  are a part of the travels here. With the most luxurious hotels and restaurants it also some expensive fare. Let us see the ten most expensive restaurants in England.

1. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at $ 116.82 per head

restaurant gordon ramsay

This is a well known establishment that gives one a chance to dine and enjoy here to happiness. Costing around £107 per head it is considered lucky if one gets a reservation here.

2. The  Waterside Inn at over $ 109.18 per head

the waterside inn at over

This is indeed one of the recent restaurants in England and is in Berkshire. Belonging to Michel Roux Jr, the Michelin starred chef, one has the best of pleasures in one of the most expensive restaurants in England.

3. Le Gavroche at  $ 103.72 per head

le gavroche

Once again a Michel Roux’s entry this is a French fare with a difference. It gives the highest level of quality service and one only has to come here to enjoy the pleasures here.

 4. Petrus at $ 103.72 per head


This is another Gordon Ramsay fare and this restaurant in Berkeley only gives the best of celebrity dinners. There is a standard that is unmistakable here and one can only love to be a part of the most expensive restaurants in England.

5. The Square at $ 94.99 per head

the square

6. The L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon at $ 92.80 per head

the latelier de joel robuchon

7. Tom Aikens Average cost : $ 8.73

tom aikens average

8. Pied a Terre Average cost: $ 89.53 per head

pied a terre average

9. The Capital Average cost: $ 81.88 per head

the capital

10. Foliag Average cost: $ 78.61 per head


The pleasures of eating out in England are indeed fine and the dining facilities are sure to make the travels most memorable here. These are the best Michelin starred ones and come across as the most expensive restaurants in England.


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