Top Most Expensive Skateboard in the World

Top Most Expensive Skateboard in the World

Top Most Expensive Skateboard in the World

Skateboarding is an amazing game that requires perfection and balance. It is one kind of balancing acts and sports competition are being conducted.  

There are some expensive skateboards in the world which comes with fine finishing giving an amazing experience. Normally used in riding and performing tricks, this sports product has been in use since last 50yrs.

Let us now check some of the most expensive skateboard in the world:

1. The Golden Skateboard - $ 15,000

gold plated skateboard

It is made out of 99.999% gold, and there are just 6 of them out there. This skateboard was designed for New York’s skateboard shop SHUT. It is 31.5 inches long, 8 inches wide, and, at 9 pounds. 

2. BMW Street Carver - $ 500

bmw street carver

Coming from the house of BMW, this skateboard is quite heavy and blended with cast-aluminium truck assemblies, wood and fiberglass deck and 110mm wheels.

3. Exkate- X-24- $ 1,000

exkate skateboard

This electronic skateboard is capable of reaching twenty miles per hour in only four seconds. Once it is charged the skateboard can run 10 miles can be charged 400 times. 

4. Super Board Custom Skate Board- $ 5,686

super board custom skate board

Whether you like grinding on half-pipe or kickflips in the street, then this is the best skateboard to go for. Made from best quality hard rock maple, it is one of the expensive skateboards in the world.

These above mentioned skateboards come with high quality body and are branded ones that remains strong for years.