The Most Expensive Arts

The Most Expensive Arts

The Most Expensive Arts

Paintwork is the world’s priceless form of art ever known in the history of humankind. Kept in museum for view by patrons and rarely sold to anyone, it becomes quite clear just how valuable these works of paintings are. Their attractiveness, their quality and the more than a thousand messages they communicate truly make them to deserve their approximated or actual price tags.

Some painters of these artworks became wealthiest men in the world while others became tycoons and at the same time the most famous artists ever known in the painting art industry. Below is a list of the most expensive art ever made. 

1. Card Player Paint – Paul Cezanne & The Dream – Pablo Picasso - $155 Million USD

the dream   card player paint

The Card player paint was done in 1890s. The exact price is not known but it is estimated to range between $259 million to $320 million. This led the artist series to be considered cornerstone during their period. The dream’s artist was trying to draw her lover Marie Theresse while she was sitting asleep in the chair. The work was done in 1932. The paintwork was estimated to be $155 million.

2. Three Studies of Lucian Freud – Francis Bacon & Jackson Pollock – David Geffen - $140 Million USD

three studies of lucian freud   jackson pollock

The Three studies of Lucian Freud is a paint drawing figuring three people sited. The paint was done when the relation between the artists was at its peak. The work was priced $142.4 million. This led it to be the most expensive paint ever auctioned. It also had a contemporary record of art during it period. The Jackson Pollock work was done during the period of 1948. The New York Times claimed that the paint was sold to David Martinez at the cost of $140 million. This led it to set the record of paint with high cost value during its period.

3. Woman III – Willen de Kooning - $137.5 Million USD

woman iii

The artist of this paint was a woman that led the paint to revolve around the theme of women. The paint was sold in 2006 at the cost of $137.5 million. This is the only woman who is still in private hands because of her high success.

4. Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I – Gustau Klimt - $135 Million USD

portrait of adele bloch bauer i

This paint was sold to Ronald Lauder at a cost of $ 135 million after a lengthy court battle over the ownership. This occurred during the World War II and it was considered a centerpiece of collection rescued from Nazi.

5. The Scream – Edvard Munch - $110 Million USD

the scream

6. Torquoise Marilyn - $80 Million USD

torquoise marilyn

7. Massacre Of The Innocent - $76.6 Million USD

massacre of the innocent

Painting has always been the work of the time, hence highly respected and esteemed. The list of items above clearly reveal the very nature of how much painting work has been of great value in the past and still is even in the modern times. We still see high quality paintings today, and the best we can ever do in that case is to embrace and be thankful for olden days where it all started.