Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

It has been just the rock stars and celebrities who were seen with tattoos earlier, but now the trend has changed and tattoos are not closed circles for them alone. Everyone can go for them. And if you wish to sport a distinction in your tattoos then choose one from these highly expensive tattoo designers.

The incredible work of these tattoo artists can cost you really high if you are hiring the services of the best ones. Sometimes it can cost you around $100 per hour if you are looking for the top tattoo artists.  Here is the list of top 10 most expensive tattoo artists across the world…

1. Scott Campbell : Price - $2000 Per Hour & $200 for Every Extra Hour

scott campbell

He has the names of top celebrities in his client list like Josh Hartnett and Marc Jacobs. He is so popular and busy so make a prior appointment.

2. Ami James : Price - $500 Per Hour

ami james

If you are of the TLC shows “NY Ink” and “Miami Ink”, then you must be aware of Ami James, a tattoo artist. He is the second expensive tattoo artist in the world.

3. Anil Gupta : Price - $450 Per Hour

anil gupta

The third place in the list of expensive tattoo artists has been banged by Anil Gupta. Apart from the above amount he also charges depending on the work. He is most popular for his tribal tattoo designs.

4. Paul Booth : Price - $300 Per Hour

paul booth

If you are seeking for a tattoo artist who is popular for love designs, then Paul Booth would be the right choice. His talents also include horror tattoos and Gothic tattoos as well.

5. Kat Von D : Price - $200 Per Hour

kat von d

6. Stephanie Tamez : Price - $200 Per Hour

stephanie tamez

7. Brandon Bond : Price - $400 Per Design

brandon bond

8. Dave Tedder : Price - $150 Per Hour

dave tedder

9. Bob Tyrell : Price - $150 Per Hour

bob tyrell

10. Mike Rubendall : Price - $125 Per Hour

mike rubendall

The charges that you will have to pay for these expensive tattoo artists is really high, but the beauty of the tattoo that comes out of their designs is worth paying. The masterpiece designs designed by them are always amazing.