World's Most Expensive Scientific Experiments

Science and research has always paved a way for a whole new dimension in the future. A few years ago, no one would have thought the fact that phones would be more than a simple device to just connect two people in a verbal manner.

Each day, there are several innovations and new inventions taking place which are taking life into a whole new era. A very important phenomenon in science is the tool of experimenting. Innovations would not be possible without experiments. 

Let us have a look at the most expensive scientific experiments:-

1. Space Shuttle Program - $174 Billion

This jawdropping amount is for the experiment for the space shuttle which has flown to space for about 1500 times. As the name suggests, the experiment is in space through the shuttle that would lead to several new discoveries in space.


2. Man on Moon - $156 Billion

This project is the mixture of two projects. Project Gemini, which helped the Apollo space ships with flight and proper flying. The project Apollo was another project, which aimed at putting the man on the moon.


3. International Space Station - $100 Billion

This is one of a kind project where 10 European nations, U.S., Japan, Canada, and Russia have come together. It aims at beating the record made by Mirr, a soviet made space station, which was in space for 10 years.


4. Manhattan Project - $30 Billion

Manhattan project is the project responsible for introduction of nuclear technology in the world. It was the project that made the first nuclear bombs. These bombs were then dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, which are still affected by the adversities and the effect of this bomb.


5. ITER - $16 Billion


6. Skylab- $14 Billion


7. Hubble Space Telescope-$7 Billion


8. Large Hadron Collider- $6 Billion


9. Human Genome Project-$4 Billion


10. National Ignition Facility-$3.5 Billion


There is no end to inventions and discoveries, a new life awaits each moment of the day to welcome us and create a whole new world. The scientific experiments make us a step closer to a better, wonderful, and a Utopian world.  

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