World's Most Expensive Accordions

World's Most Expensive Accordions

World's Most Expensive Accordions

Accordions produce great pleasures of instrumental music. These beautiful boxes show the best variety of musical sounds with the bellows and the compresses.

This harmonica instrument is originally from North America, and is today is in the category of the most expensive accordions.

1. The Pigini Mythos - $ 40,000

the pigini mythos

The Pigini Mythos is a product of Gino Pigini the popular reed maker. An invaluable piece it gives the best value as well as tone to the instrument. It is popular for its reed changer and one is really privileged to have it.

2. The Hohner Gola - $ 30,000

the hohner gola

This is indeed an expensive and lavish accordion and has tremendous creativity in it. It has a certain design which gives one the passion to play it. The commitments with which these accordions are made are the ones to be thankful for and thus it is also one of the most expensive accordions.

3. Weltmeisters Supita - $ 17,500

weltmeisters supita

 This is in fact a dream possession for all accordion lovers. It has handmade reeds and also has a lovely cassotto channel and also the right kind of mechanics so that very little air is utilized.

4. Hohner Morino IV - $ 17,000

hohner morino iv

 This model is a product of the Hohner series and has a cossotto or a tone chamber. This is in fact the main Morino feature. It is very much a preferred bet in orchestral performances due to its sound quality and is also one of the most expensive accordions.

5. The Castagnari Magic 30 - $ 7850

the castagnari magic 3o

 This Italian accordion comes with full features and is made of handmade light weeds and is very smooth to play. These really are fully featured and weighs light. A perfect instrument for the accordion lover and one only has to be adept at playing it.

Accordions are new in the musical instruments arena so finding a vintage one is not common. The best accordion is always bought on the basis of personal choice, taste and budget. The world’s most expensive accordions are thus those which come with class, style and smoothness.