World's Most Expensive Colleges and Universities

World's Most Expensive Colleges and Universities

World's Most Expensive Colleges and Universities

When it comes to education, as with every significant aspect of life, quality deliverance and services come with a price tag! In return, of course, you will be put heads together with something bigger and better, leaving you benefitted for your entire life. 

You will be surprised to know that even though the schools with the highest tuition fee do not take account of Harvard or Yale or Oxford, they are also, similarly, respected in their own specializations. We bring you a list of some of the most expensive universities in the world. Read on to find out more about them.

1. Sarah Lawrence College – $61,236

sarah lawrence college

A private liberal arts college, Sarah Lawrence College, is set up in Westchester County in New York. William van Duzer Lawrence is accredited to its establishment in 1926. It is identified for its high academic ethicsmanifested by a highly modifiedmodule of study. It has a low student-to-faculty fraction.

2. New York University – $59,337

new york university

A private, non-sectarian research academy, the New York University is based in Greenwich Village, the Lower Manhattan region of New York.  It is the most googled school online by prospective international students. It also has an exchange program with distant universities. It has shaped impressive graduates, Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners.

3. Harvey Mudd College – $58,913

harvey mudd college

A private liberal arts college, Harvey Mudd College, founded in 1955. The school is set up in Claremont, California. It highlights a robust education, incorporating a reasonable amount of both inquiry and instruction. Its students are deemed to be one of the most treasured graduates of any university in the whole world.

4. Columbia University – $58,742

columbia university

For more than 250 years, Columbia has been a leader in higher education all around the world. This university attracts and engages the best minds in pursuit of greater human understanding and service to society.

5. Wesleyan University – $58,502

wesleyan university

The Wesleyan University is dedicated to providing education in the liberal arts which is characterized by a bold, rigor, and very practical idealism. At Wesleyan, distinguished scholar teachers work closely along with students and taking advantage of fluidity among disciplines, explore the world with a variety of tools. 

6. Claremont McKenna College – $58,065

claremont mckenna college

This University consistently claims as one of the finest Arts colleges. The praise is mainly due to its unique academics. The University maintains a focus on the public policy, business and world economics. They also offer programs in the humanities and natural sciences which include unusual interdisciplinary majors like Philosophy with Public Affairs or Philosophy, Politics with Economics.

7. Dartmouth College – $57,996

dartmouth college

At Dartmouth , the education is unlike any other. It uses person to person teaching skills and opportunities by identifying , creating and applying knowledge on the University campus . Across the globe, Dartmouth University instills a love for learning among its students and empowers confidence in them for a lifetime leadership.

8. Parsons The New School for Design – $57,910

parsons the new school for design

Parsons School of Design is America's number one design school. They offer extraordinary educational, cultural, and professional opportunities for students who seek expertise and experience in art, design, media, and technology. One can collaborate with peers in many disciplines and gain access to Paris’ storied institutions, heritage brands, craft traditions, and pioneering industries.

9. Johns Hopkins University – $57,820

johns hopkins university

John Hopkins was founded on the principle that by pursuing the big ideas and sharing what we learn, we make the world a better place. John Hopkins faculty and students work side by side in a tireless pursuit to discover new ideologies , with the ultimate aim of advancing humanity.

Investing in education is the sole most real way of building a developed nation through the prized individuals produced.Learning is definitely, more than just reading and writing. It is one of the most essential investments a country can put in in its folks and its future. This list shows the importance of good educational institutions, though they are pricey.