The World’s Most Expensive Stilletos

The World’s Most Expensive Stilletos

The World’s Most Expensive Stilletos

Every girl would admit that diamonds are her best friends. However she also has something else to be conscious about. That is her pair of footwear and if they are stilettos then there is nothing better than this.

Stilletos almost define a girl’s preference of being stylish and gorgeous. They are intricately connected to being a fashion diva and are a must in a female’s wardrobe. However there are some which are really very expensive so let us learn more about the world’s most expensive stilettos.

1. The Rita Hayworth Heels $ 3,000,000

the rita hayworth heels

These chocolate coloured forties style $ 3,000,000 have been a hit with the movie stars. Kathleen Bird the actress and song writer wore it to the 2006 Academy Awards. Today it is owned by Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

2. The Borgezie Stilletos $ 216,000

the borgezie stilletos

Designed by the world famous Christopher Michael Shellis these Borgezie beauties or “Eternal Diamond” Stilletos are famous for being the most expensive ones at $ 216,000. They are obviously one of the world’s most expensive stilettos.

3. The Borgezie “Diamond Princess Constellation” Stiletto $ 331,450

the borgezie diamond princess constellation stiletto

This bespoke shoe with an unbelievable 1000 year guarantee has around 2,200 diamonds. Personally crafted by a goldsmith it took three years to be made and reinvented the principle of a classical stiletto. Priced at – $ 331,450 it surely is a treasure.

4. The Diamond Dream Stilleto $ 500,000

the diamond dream stilleto

With two delicate circle bands that enhance the ankles and the silver toe strap this stiletto costs $ 500,000. A hit in the 2007 Academy Awards, Anika Noni of Dreamgirls wore it first.

5. Stuart Weitzman “Retro Rose” Pumps – $ 1,000,000

stuart weitzman retro rose pumps

6. Stuart Weitzman “Marilyn Monroe” Shoes – $ 1,000,000

stuart weitzman marilyn monroe shoes

7. Stuart Weitzman “Platinum Guild” Stiletto – $ 1,090,000

stuart weitzman platinum guild stiletto

8. Stuart Weitzman “Ruby Slippers” – $ 1,600,000

top 10 most expensive womens shoes in the world ruby slippers by stuart weitzman

9. Stuart Weitzman “Cinderella Slippers” – $ 2,000,000

stuart weitzman cinderella slippers

10. Stuart Weitzman “Tanzanite” Stiletto – $ 2,000,000

stuart weitzman tanzanite stiletto

11. Stuart Weitzman “Rita Hayworth” Heels – $ 3,000,000

stuart weitzman rita hayworth heels

There are many more and these are the indicators of some of the world’s most expensive stilettos. However the pleasure of wearing them entirely is also a privileged one for the wearer.