Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! one of the most trending card game which was introduced and developed in Japan. It's a popular card game founded by Konami. It's getting very much popularity and has become a very trending games. It's being played in Australia, Europe, Japan and North American regions too.

The game is actually based on the collection of cards and it has a lot of adult themes included in it. These cards games have gained so much credibility that its have broken all the records of selling of card game.

1. Japanese Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Armor : Price - $500,00

japanese blue eyes ultimate dragon with armor

Its called as most expensive and so it's first in the list. It has a function of monster and used to face the Egypt Gods. It's actually very costly but still being purchased my many because of its popularity.

2. Cyber Stein : Price - $4500


This Cyber- Stein card is the second most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card among the list and it's extremely popular and have been purchased extensively.  It's being sold online and has currently 11 offers. It's available on e-bay and other e commercial stores.

3. Gold Sarcophagus : Price- $2195

gold sarcophagus

This is third in the list in term of both cost and popularity. The buyer needs to buy it strategically to make the best possible use of this card. They have been designed very well an they have there own value. Total 25 cards have been designed so far.

4. SJC Des Volstgalph : Price - $1900

sjc des volstgalph

This works as an opponent of the most popular and most costly card, that is the monster. it destroys what monster does and thus makes the monster to lose the life point of 500. This card is very powerful and being used very strategically while playing.

5. SJC Shrink : Price - $1600

sjc shrink

6. V Jump Chinese Blue Eyes White Dragon : Price - $1300


7. Japanese GSC Dark Magician Girl : Price - $1100

japanese gsc dark magician girl

8. Chinese Dark Magician : Price - $800

chinese dark magician

9. SJCS Crush Card Virus : Price - $600

sjcs crush card virus

10. SJCS Doomcaliber Knight : Price - $47

sjcs doomcaliber knight

The card game is getting it's popularity to a higher level with every new card launched. It actually involves the strategic use of mind and needs very much attention. The card has been extensively used in Japan and now in several other parts of the world. It has the Guinness book of the world record of being the most famous card game across the globe.