How to Fall Asleep When You are Not Tired

How to Fall Asleep When You are Not Tired

How to Fall Asleep When You are Not Tired

Many times when you are trying to sleep, it often feels like, that you would be up the entire night. And it is often fine when you can keep yourself busy with one or more important task that you can schedule at that time. But it really becomes hectic at points when you are burdened with an interview early morning or an exam or a train or flight where you do realize that is really important for you to get proper sleep before you get on with your tasks that morning.  

This brings us to point out few amazing techniques that you can follow, which shall help you fall asleep and sleep like a baby.

Bring your Body to Relax From Top to Toe

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This method comprises the well-known task of “curling your toes”. You can lay back flat, curl your toes, keep it curled for a few seconds and then uncurl them. You can repeat it until you feel drowsy after bringing your body to relax from top to bottom.

Drink the Drink of ‘Sleep master’

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You must have heard that drinking warm milk helps one to sleep fast. But this time, instead of trying that, why not give a chance to Cherry juice. This is because cherry juice is rich in melatonin and in many cases it has helped many adults with the problem of insomnia.

Make your Body Work According to a Routine with Effect from Today

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You can adjust your body as per a routine where you keep doing a task daily only when you are ready to sleep. For example, you can develop a habit of reading history or rubbing your nose and listening to ENYA, which you do only when you are about to doze off.

So, you do Agree that Thinking is So Tiring at Times. Why Not try This?

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This definitely works in many cases because when mind gets tired, it prefers to go to sleep. Think about your entire day at length and there is a chance that while you would be doing that, somewhere in between you would be asleep.

Oh, Those Sleeping Podcasts!

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The hypnosis podcasts, videos and audios are another effective way to sleep heavily. And this specifically works perfect for the people who do listen to suggestions.

Removal of All Noises

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This task shall involve removing all kinds of dismantling noises that you have around you and listening to white noises which are available in the form of either audio files or phone apps.

This is Silly, but it Works Every Time

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And it is rubbing your belly. You can rub your belly from the inner circle to bigger circle in clockwise directions and then rub smaller and smaller towards the inner circle in counter clockwise direction.

A Rule to Sleep Soundly Which Should be Followed Even on a Regular Basis

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And it shall be turning off all the lights or any source of sound in your room that might disturb you with the sleep.

Non-weird Things to do and Things not to do Before Sleep

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Carry out a healthy diet, do not drink alcohol or carbonated drinks before you go to sleep, establish a regular sleeping and waking time and exercise on a regular basis.

So, you can shed all your worries that you would be tired, weary and sleepy the next day when you go to any major event. These methods are very natural and shall only bring you a big fat tight sleep and not effect your body cycle.