Wrong Thinking about Relationships and How to Overcome It

Wrong Thinking about Relationships and How to Overcome It

Wrong Thinking about Relationships and How to Overcome It

Wrong thinking in relationships can destroy your chances of meeting someone special. When you are in constant judgement of yourself or the other person, you miss the opportunity to develop the potential chemistry that can take relationships to new levels.

In creating special relationships, you must be committed to displaying your best self. The person you are attempted impressneeds to see your honesty and transparency. Keeping an open mind and giving the other person the benefit of the doubt is the way to go when you are trying to win friends and influence people.

First impressions may matter in some instances, but having preconceived thoughts about people is a surefire trap that will destroy your realness in any type of relationship, whether it is for love or friendship. 

In order to defeat wrong thinking you will have to overcome three erroneous beliefs that will endanger your chances of creating deep relationships, especially a significant other.

1. Believing that Nobody Wants to be with You

believing that nobody wants to be with you

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Don’t for one minute believe that you are irrelevant. In any relationship you must see yourself as a creative, dynamic human being who has endless gifts to bring to a relationship. Why not you! No other person deserves a special relationship any more than you do.

Start thinking of yourself as someone well capable of meeting someone special and keeping the relationship interesting. Believing that you are valuable will create a new found confidence and assurance in you connection with others.

2. Thinking That you will get Hurt in a Relationship

thinking to get hurt in relationship

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To love someone involves courage. Don’t let the possibility of getting a broken heart stop you from meeting special people. If you live your life avoid heartache and pain you will certainly live a very unhappy existence.

Many people live lonely lives because they refuse to get involved with people because of some past relationship trauma. This might happen due to a divorce or the loss of someone you loved. The pain was so unbearable;they made a pledge to never love again.  What a mistake?  They may avoid the pain of relationships but they will suffer isolation, a different type of pain: the pain of loneliness and depression.

The pain of isolation separates us from people and pulls us in to a world where love and acceptance don’t exist. As a result, our emotional health and wholeness suffer.  This can be the worst type of pain imaginable.

If you are one of those people who have given up on meeting people, you must change your mentality as quickly as possible.  The quality of your life and health depends upon it.

3. Deciding in Advance to Settle for a Lonely and Boring Life

lonely boring life

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A person with this type of mentality doesn’t even give relationships a chance. He or she has been convinced that forming relationships is a waste of time. He is afraid of relational conflicts. So he has decided that living single is the way to go.

There is nothing wrong with living the single life, but if you are staying single because you fear relationships, you are in boring and lonely life.

Many single people spend long hours at the job or get involved in other activities to replace the inner desire for a significant other in their life. They find themselves alone on Friday and Saturday nights while other people are out meeting friends and finding romance.

Avoid this type of existence. If you have never seriously got involved in a relationship because of the fear of it not working out, refuse to continue going such route.  You were born to be in relationships with other people because this is what creates meaning and purpose in the world. An existence without special relationships is a dead one.

4. Bottom line

husband and wife

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Creating and appreciating relationships is the hallmark of joy and happiness. However, you must believe in yourself as a person deserving of love and acceptance from others. You must commit to transparency and vulnerability if you desire to find a husband or wife or create deepfriendship with others. You are not an Island, separated from the mainland. Your presence on the earth and the blessing it brings will always matter heavily to others.