Zika Virus: Causes, Effects and Spread

Zika Virus: Causes, Effects and Spread

Zika Virus: Causes, Effects and Spread

Zika virus is not something new which has emerged in the American countries in the past couple of years. Rather, this virus is discovered by the modern science almost before 1947 and it is strictly believed that the presence of this virus existed even before that. However, the reasons for its re-emergence in the south Asian countries and then to America is not known clearly to anyone.

The symptoms of the Zika virus are similar to many other diseases. For this reason, people are not able to recognize it very soon as they get infected. 

Causes of Zika Virus

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This disease is caused by the Aedes species mosquito bite, which is infected. It is not that, the travelers who got infected with the disease are spreading it to the rest of the world nor the mosquitoes from the  countries which are already infected. 
If a person is infected with the Zika virus, then the chances are high that this infection is transmitted by the other mosquitoes when they bit him.  Zika disease is getting spread at an exponential rate. But, its impact is mostly found in the pregnant women and the newborn infants.

Effects of Zika Virus

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Once someone gets bitten by this mosquito, the infected person would get symptoms like fever, joint pains, occurrence of rashes and as well conjunctivitis. People should note that all these symptoms will not last for a long time and won’t be even more serious to consult a doctor. All these illnesses will last for a week to ten days. 

Spread of Zika Virus

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It is an agreeable fact that this virus is going to spread to many new places. Initially, the cases were found in Africa. Later, it started spreading in south East Asia and in the pacific islands. The first case was found in the Brazil recently in 2015. It was thereafter declared by the World health organization that it is a health emergency. After that,  Zika virus has seen to be circulated to many other countries and places. 
The chances of transmitting virus from person to person are not possible. This disease can be transmitted only through a mosquito.

However, it is also found that this virus is transmitted sexually.

Zika in Unborn Babies

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The pregnant women who are infected with the Zika virus are more at risk. The infants are even getting infected by the virus. In most cases, the infants are prone to microcephaly. The chances of pregnancy termination are even high. Till date, there is no medicine or vaccination for this disease.

The best way to stay away from this virus is to use the mosquito repellents.  Always make use of the insect control methods to keep the situation in control. Also, ensure that you are staying healthy without getting infected with the pesticides. The medicine, which we use for the fever and the joint pains can keep the infection in control and reduce the pain in the infected people. Accelerated research is going on to develop a vaccine for the ZIka virus all over the world.