Tips to Fall Asleep Before a Big Event

Tips to Fall Asleep Before a Big Event

Tips to Fall Asleep Before a Big Event

It’s quite natural to stress out and look nervous if you have any big event coming – like a life-changing job interview, an important client presentation or a big fat wedding. “Cold Feet” is a term widely used to explain anxiety when it comes to a big event like a wedding. There is no particular reason as to why we feel so and get nervous.The same goes with the much-awaited interview or a big client presentation.

The excitement and anxiety a night before the interview or a presentation will leave us sleepless as if we are suffering from insomnia. Generally, people stress out too much about not getting enough sleep before any big event. But don’t panic, there are a lot of ways through which you can ensure that you have a lovely goodnight sleep.These easy and natural ways will help you to overcome the situation and prepare positively for the big event.

1. Maintain your Sleep Schedule

maintain your sleep schedule

Go to the bed at the same time as you do daily. This will aid your body to stay on schedule which in turn helps you to remain well rested and healthy.

2. Go for Breathing Exercise

go for breathing exercise

Take a deep breath in and then slowly exhale. Rhythmic breathing slows down the heart rate and helps in releasing the pressure from your mind and will give you a sound sleep.

3. Take Proactive Approach

take proactive approach

Make the arrangements in advance like selecting the clothes, preparing the file before the D-Day morning to prevent more worries.

4. Switch Off your Mobile Phone

switch off your mobile phone

Stay away from your mobile phone as it can create distractions thus affecting your sleep and making you feel uneasy the very next day. It is suggested that you switch off your mobile phone a couple of hours before you go to sleep.

5. Use the Music Therapy

use the music therapy

Listen to the music that soothes your ear and mind. Music can leave you feeling pacified and uplifted curbing the anxiety and helps you fall asleep.

6. Eat a Light Dinner

eat a light dinner

Avoid eating any heavy, spicy or acidic foods within two hours before going to bed as they are hard to digest and can cause heartburn or stomach pain and it may keep you awake.

7. Read a Light Hearted Book

read a light hearted book

Reading a light-hearted book under dim light will help relax your mind thus reducing the distractions and anxiety. Remember don’t read any exciting book as this could stimulate you and keep you awake.

8. Sip Some Warm liquid

sip some warm liquid

Sipping a warm beverage can make you feel happier, receptive and relaxed. Avoid caffeinated drinks and stick to herbal decaffeinated beverages. Avoid taking the drink close to the bedtime as it can cause many bathroom trips during the night.

Getting a little nervous before the D-day is quite certain for all of us. But what’s more important, is that it should not affect our ability before the big event. Following these simple tips will help you maintain the positive approach and prevents the anxiety and restlessness leaving you with the precious hours of happy sleep.