8 Project Management Tools for Startups

8 Project Management Tools for Startups

8 Project Management Tools for Startups

For a start-up company it is extremely essential to have a rigid base. The hard work and efforts can only yield out successful goals only if you are able to have excelling tools which make your tasks easier and comfortable. For monitoring the team and the project have never become more excelling as is now. The reason is the availability of project management tools.

Through its help you can manage everything in highly professional manner with minimum flaws. This is list of top 8 project management tools will surely help you in your company.

1. Asana: Best Day to Day Management Facility

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This tool lets you have excelling access over your work platform from web as well as mobile. The workflow has never been as convenient as is now due to this project management tool. The tags, followers, attachments, subtasks and discussions for the projects under same position make handling the work extremely easy. The Dropbox and Google drives present here makes things elegant and product at the same time. The use of this tool is free up to fifteen users.

2. 10,000 ft: Best for Reporting and Analytics Purpose


The performance of the company can be viewed in an excellent manner through 10,000 ft. This gives the entrepreneurs best opportunity to let their company have systematic records of their analytics and reporting tasks. The tracking details and schedules list available here makes things extremely comfortable for the start- up companies.

3. Aha: Extremely Beneficial for the Startups Yet to be Launched

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The companies which are still on their early stage and are still developing are the ones that can have excelling benefits from this project management tools. This tool is best for building business vision, business model, monitoring the competitors etc.

4. Podio: A Simple Step Towards Management of Complex Projects


This project management tools is extremely beneficial for all the companies which are start- ups for handling the projects which are of complex nature. This is the best and most suitable platform for handling such purposes. It is free of cost till five uses but if you have some additional users then it has a monthly charge of just $5.

5. ProofHub: The Easiest and Simplest to Use Without any Complexity


There is no need of you to see through varied tutorials for its use as it is extremely simple to handle. This is the best thing you would need for project management tool. It has a monthly cost of $50.

6. Kanban Tool: Best for Visual View of your Workflow

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Through its use you can see through the workflow in an simple as well as convenient manner. It has a rate of $5 per user.

7. Smartsheet: For the People who Prefer Excel

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If you are in habit of preferring Excel sheet for managing the workflow of your company then you can never get any other best form work platform. The Smartsheets will be the best available option or you.

8. Teamwork: Best for Managing the Team and the Customers


This project management tool is supremely beneficial if you desire to have effective management over your team members and your customers.

These tools are excelling and they bring out the best work platform and management for all the start- ups.