You are Hurting Yourself by Trying so Hard to Fit In

You are Hurting Yourself by Trying so Hard to Fit In

You are Hurting Yourself by Trying so Hard to Fit In


We live in a world where all organisms function in groups. It has been the route for survival. Humans are social animals and we strive for acceptance from our family, friends, peers & society at large. 90% of humans prefer being in groups, with a bunch of people who share similar views, perspectives or preferences. There are many people who form own groups. The people in the same group have some similarities that keep on them binding in the group.

You are Unique


 Every living being is unique in their own way. Be it single celled organisms or humans, each are different from the other even within the same species. We are special and Unique, and our preferences, ideals, goals, principles & perception are unique too. A healthy society or group is one which nurtures the goodness and helps remove the negativity. Because of the people in the same group, the uniqueness of each one can be identified and in many cases people can be helpful to each other in critical situation. This makes one love to be in the group and nurture the feeling of belongingness to the group. There are many moments people in the group love which offers them great feelings to each other.

You are Not a Misfit

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The person who cannot fit in a group or society is shown low acceptance and tolerance and many times the people with such low acceptance feel differed and hence lead them to make necessary changes that can make them acceptable to others and enjoy to be the part of the group. Sometimes even he or she is treated as a misfit due to some differences which can also change the life of a person and give him/her right direction and true path of life.

Truly nobody is a misfit. We all adapt and mold ourselves depending on the environmental and social requirements to change, compete and survive. Having self-confidence and moving towards the next goal is what we have to do.  We should choose the correct environment in which we need to stay. It is your call, still make it wise.

The issue of self-bashing happens when we are in an environment which is not in sync with our character and choices. The more we try to fit in, the more we hurt ourselves. Remove toxic people from your life, who threaten your peace and happiness. You are not a misfit, the atmosphere u choose to fit in is negative with no scope for your happiness.

Attitude, Confidence, Self-Respect


Positive Affirmations for Your Life

Love thyself!! Develop a healthy and positive attitude, rather than changing out of your way to impress others, change yourself for your own betterment. We all regret few choices we make, but to err is human, and we learn from our mistakes. Self-Respect, positive attitude and the confidence which we carry ourselves makes us earn acceptance the healthy way.


Enjoy solitude and the company of your own self; it makes you a better person. Solitude is bliss, but a healthy company is better. Learn to face your shortcomings and spread joy, love, light and happiness to others. Strike the balance between solitude and company, life is beautiful. It lies in your hands to enjoy it as you wish.