Words of Encouragement for a Single Mother

Words of Encouragement for a Single Mother

Words of Encouragement for a Single Mother

Parenting a child is one of the most challenging tasks on this earth. And if you are a single mother then your responsibilities rolled down to twice to be both mother and father to your children. Being a single parent one has to go through new continuous challenges every day to raise a happy and healthy child. It’s a bit natural to feel stressful, panicked, lonely and even overwhelmed at times as the responsibility of children, household and earning a living lies solely on the mother’s shoulders.

Here are few words of encouragement dedicated to all those single mothers who are constantly striving for making the life of their children comfortable and comforted since the dad is not around.

Hold on to your Nerves

hold on to your nerves

Regardless of how you become a single mother, you are doing an amazing job. Don’t let your spirits down by letting your mind occupied with the negative thoughts. Try to be more optimistic and see life in a positive manner. Seek yourself a role model and whenever you feel low in any situation then think about how your role model raised her kid as a single mother.

Have a Social Life

have a social life

As a single mom, you need to be at home physically and mentally most of the times. But that does not mean at all that you feel bad about it of feel sorry for your situation. All you need to do is to plan ahead wisely to get out and be a social bird.

Keep an Eye on your Work Schedule

keep an eye on your work schedule

Of course, you need to work in order to support you kid and run the house. But at the same time, you need to be flexible with your work in order to support your kid. See if you can have a flexible work schedule or at best if you can get a work from home option. This way you will be able to schedule some free time your kid.

Pat your back

pat your back

Though this sounds strange, but when you are the only one raising your kid there will be no one to pat your back for all the hard work you do all day long. Or when you successfully manage to potty-train your kid. You should give yourself a chance to be happy for all these epic achievements and treat yourself bigheartedly.

You too Need Help

you too need help

Being a single mother, it does not mean at all that you have to do all by yourself and neither its practical nor rational.  Whenever required, ask for help or accept help when you are a single mom. It will obviously be hard to lose the control of the situation in the beginning but eventually you will learn the same and will know that when required, help is just a call away.

Hope these words will help you encourage and live a beautiful life as a single mom. Staying positive in such a situation is the key to survival. And this is also the time when you will come to know yourself better.