‘Change is the Only Constant’

‘Change is the Only Constant’

‘Change is the Only Constant’

A clichéd saying we all willingly believe in, because the belief in it is worth it. Change is what drives life ahead. Without changes, real and lasting ones, we are humdrum beings stuck in a rut. So when I was asked to write on real and lasting changes, I wondered. The first question that needs to be answered in what one would want to change. Clearly things which are not working out currently too well for us and require a push, a pull, and some work.

These things have to be from parts of our life which mean something to us, changes which will ultimately matter and make a difference to the whole of sixty-seventy years that we will live. So when we speak of how does one create real and lasting changes, let us divide life into those majorly those bits and parts of our life that matter: studies, career, relationships (family, friends and lovers) and health. These are majorly the major concerns of one’s life. Written not in hierarchal, chronological or in fact any order at all. All these occupy supreme importance in our life at different times, health being (hopefully) a constant. Here are five pointers to things/attitudes that will matter in all these and more areas of your life, these are pointers that will lead to a change. 


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If you are not dedicated to your life and the changes you wish to make, nobody will respect you to give you that time or space to allow those changes to happen. You have to be dedicated to something enough, to want to better it. Whole hearted dedication to begin with. And well began, is half done. 

An Aim

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You ought to have an end result/goal in mind. If you are moving aimlessly, there will be no impetus for you to do so. 


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Surround yourself with anything that will keep you motivated. Any source that will give you a constant reminder and a positive vibe. Trust me, it can range from a parent to a pet to a poster on the wall. 


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Do not give up on yourself. Your inner energy is needed to achieve the change you wish to bring about, to yourself or even to your surroundings. 


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 You cannot even move without belief and with belief you can move mountains. This is the key ingredient to bring the above four into functionality. Everything collapses without this and anything can be created with this. So, believe. 

And finally, with this, you have a recipe to create real and lasting changes that add meaning to your life. Do not flinch, take the plunge and make sure you outlive dejection by believing that the change you want to bring about is worth your own effort and time and energy. Do not undervalue or even for that matter over-estimate your decisions. Take life in its stride but also remember life it what you make it. And you can only create if you change.