Win-win Negotiations for Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

Win-win Negotiations for Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

Win-win Negotiations for Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are often hard than the normal ones. You can’t see one another; you can’t meet that often, no coffees together and no deep talks face to face. This is a place where you are actually thankful to the technology for bringing you WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and so many other gadgets to enable you to maintain your love.

These situations often end up with you raging with the feeling that your advantage is taken off or where you are often at the corner where anything that you need requires you to fight for it. And well the worst part is, both of you feels the same. So, why not learn the quirks of the win-win negotiations. This negotiation skill helps you to reach common grounds on the matters of conflicts.

This doesn’t require you to play hardball or work with the tricks or manipulation but rather, it looks out the perfect way to break the ice, follow the rule of honesty and openness. And as you love the other person it shall never hit that hard.

So, let’s bring on the table few points on the win-win negotiation skills that shall save you from the uncanny fights and the long silent hours. 

1.  Determine what is Actually Causing the Problem

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It is often the scenario where you never have an idea what started a fight and well it paves the path of unlimited doubts, bickering, long hours of ignoring and concluding with name-calling. So, before the cycle even starts, talk over it and discuss if there is some issue that needs to be paid attention.

2. What Can you Give up?

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When you start being with someone for so long, often you start noticing things you like and dislike about your partners. And count us on this, if you start counting them, you shall get irritated on some point over those things. So, don’t just ignore. You can always bring some offers on the table. Like if your guy is heavy drinker or smoker, ask him to reduce it and you shall go on that trip which you have been cancelling lately because of your busy schedule.

3. Deciding the Power

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There are always few situations where one of you must be better than the other. Recognize it and let the other person take the decision. Understanding one’s importance and respecting the areas in which they are good is important so that even though you can put forward your thoughts, you can make them feel the decision is theirs. And it is not “manipulation”; it is more like knowing what other person is good at. 

4. Find Out the Alternatives

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t reach a balanced decision. And sometimes that is fine. Find out the alternative situation that suits both of you. For example, lately you have not been able to talk because of the project he was having earlier in his company and now, you are busy on a trip with your friends. So, let’s make an online date on this Saturday and spice things up a little. It is never that hard.

5. Give Equal Importance to Both of You

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Okay, not always you need to win or get on the board with the slogans of equality. If you love a person, you should try to understand and sometimes give them the privilege of letting them choose and win in a fight. Not always, there needs to be a middle base, you guys are in love, not in some court of justice and equality.

Don’t worry, no relation is that hard which can break you and stumble upon your own singleness. Anything can be managed and controlled if it is done right.