Why We Often Don't Reach Our Goals

Why We Often Don't Reach Our Goals

Why We Often Don't Reach Our Goals

As it is said, a person without goals is a person without the most basic need of breathing. And this is how goals turn out to make something out of your life. One of the most advocated ways to achieve these goals, as stated by many philosophers is the SMART way.

Five Steps to SMART Target Setting

Well, SMART way can be said when life can be broken down as being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and time framed. But sometimes, even when the plans are broken down to specific and measurable bits along with being realistic and achievable with perfect notions of keeping track of it, they fail. And it is not entirely your fault. It is just that you have missed one important letter while on your way to achieve your plan and that was, “Accountability”.

So, this is why we bring to you, a few tips on how to save your plans from failing.

Know what is accountability all about

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Accountability helps you to keep a check on your goals by successfully executing it. When one announces one’s goal or aspiration in the public, you definitely become a target to look upon. Few people are fine with this as it helps them to achieve a target when they are under some kind of pressure while few find it a bit exhaustive in nature. Find out your kind of deal, and set for your goals.

State it to yourself, not the world

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Well, one of the biggest problems that occur while one is trying to accomplish one’s goals is the “accountability” factor. As stated earlier, many people suffer from nervousness and kind of get scared when they are about to share the plans. So, you can follow this strategy where you are accountable to yourself and use conscience as your partner.

Accountability partner as your life saver

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One of the best approaches is sharing your goals to your partner or spouse. Because you talk to them on a very regular basis and they know you better than anyone else, they would be in a better position to know when to motivate you or how to guide you in the best way possible.

Stick to Stickk.com

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There might also be a situation when none of the stated method works for you. In that case, you can go to try your hands on an online platform where you can tell your goals out loud. This platform might ask you to invest money on the same, where the fear to lose money can also act as a motivational factor for you to accomplish your goals.

Gather in groups

gather in groups

Mastermind groups, this is what they are called, when a group of like minded people gather around and help to motivate each other to accomplish their goals. This is one of the most acknowledged approaches which are followed in business world.

Old is Gold way

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Talk about the daily incidents when your trainer helps you achieve your weight goals or the time when Chanakya helped out Chandragupta to conquer the entire India. Coaches are needed when you want to be directed towards your goal. This can be your guru, or your friend or someone you can hire.

So, next time when you are planning out the things, make sure to jot it down and go for “SMARTA” way. Because no matter where you are or whatever plan you have, being accountable is the thing that you should be.