Writing a Book Is the Best Tool for Personal Development

Writing a Book Is the Best Tool for Personal Development

Writing a Book Is the Best Tool for Personal Development

While writing is not a gift to be found in anyone, many underestimate the skill of writing to a mere hobby. What they fail to understand is that writing a book can help heal your mind and can lead to a better personal growth

The question thus arises that how could we really grow while writing a book, and here are some reasons which will compel you to write even more than you are right now.

1. Gain A Little Perspective

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Now you must be wondering what perspective got to do with writing. Well! Allow me to explain. The thing with writing is that you have to push yourself to the point where you get ideas about the topic you want to write a book on. When your brain starts working on your standpoint, and the origin of these ideas, everything starts making sense then.

2. Little Risk Is Essential

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If you want to gain more for yourself than those few words of appreciation, then you need to take a little risk i.e. you have to be courageous enough to experiment with something new. The first thing you have to be ok with is that not everyone will like your book, but it’s ok. As long as you keep experimenting with what suits you the best, you are completely fine.

3. It’s Ok To Be Alone

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That’s right; it’s totally fine to spend some alone time. You don’t always have to justify to anyone that why you want to be alone. This is for your own betterment as more alone time will make you come up with more good ideas to write about.

4. Clarity

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Clarity in your writing will help you practice clarity in your day to day life. How? You ask. Well! Imagining writing a book without making a structural plan, it’ll be complete chaos. Same way if you plan your whole day, it might save you some time and provide you with more clarity throughout the day.

5. Do Better For The World

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Many come and many go, but you with a gift of writing can influence the masses and even help them through motivation. Don’t think that you could only physically help people, but your words can heal many people more than you can imagine.

6. Know Yourself More


Writing a book will help you understand yourself even more. When you explore the insides of your mind coming up with extraordinary ideas, you give more chances for you to understand yourself. You’ll then no longer be uncomfortable if someone will ask things about you.

7. A Little Pressure Is Completely Ok

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When you know there will be people or your admirers waiting to read your book, you’ll then have a little pressure, which will compel you to give your best while completing writing the book as soon as possible. This little pressure will push you to bring the best of you through words which will, in turn, encourage your personal growth.

8. Makes You Patient

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It’s not necessary that every day you’ll be flowing with numerous ideas. Writers also sometimes have to deal with writer’s block, where one is unable to come with any idea to write about. It’s hard to get through, but with a little patience and hope, one could get through it.

9. Life Itself Is The Biggest Inspiration

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Real life incidents inspire some of the best works. One trauma or blow can inspire and provide light like nothing else.

These are the ways which show how writing a book can help us in real life. So don’t just sit there, write more every day to achieve something better for you each day.