Work-life Balance is History, Think Towards Work-life Fusion

Work-life Balance is History, Think Towards Work-life Fusion

Work-life Balance is History, Think Towards Work-life Fusion

This is 21st Century my friends and there is no term as rest that exists in people’s lives. Here the one who earns is the one who survives. Working in today’s world is not a choice instead it’s a necessity. Be it a man or a woman, there is no difference. But what really is important is to maintain a constant balance between both- work and life. Do not make the mistake of making your work your life or considering your life as a work or job.

1. Increased competition has its consequences

increased life

If we talk about earlier times then work was done to earn sufficient money for survival and create a medium of sustenance but now the whole concept has changed. The main focus has shifted from earning for survival to earning for luxury. Competition is another factor that has added to this concept. People work with the aim of gaining a higher position in an MNC or any other organization. People don’t understand that slowly and steadily they are turning into robots. Humans are supposed to cherish and enjoy what they have and not follow something blindly or work day and night but where is the time to enjoy anything? Firstly it’s important to understand that work-life balance is not even a word or a concept. It’s just something that was made up to encourage employees for working better.

2. Blend in life with work for better outcomes

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Work-life balance was a concept that was created to start a trend that working is important and so is life so it is important to create a balance between your work life and your personal life. How is a person supposed to create a balance between the two when one of it is missing? Yes, I am talking about the personal life of any person. With so much work pressure, deadlines and work load where is the time for a personal life? Even if a concept has to be followed then instead of work-life balance, it needs to be and should be work life fusion. It is important to blend both the factors together and create a fusion out of it. 

3. Social media and the real life

social media
People these days are easily accessible on social media. They are seen more on Whatsapp, Facebook or twitter in comparison to real life. People like to connect to others through virtual sites rather than real lives. The excessive use of social media could be inculcated in the work life fusion. What is important in this concept is that the person should feel happy and entertained and not just heavily overburdened with work. Even while working, they are easily accessible as social media as it has become an important part of their lives. 

We would not promote excessive use of this virtual world but believe it or not, social media is the key element of work-life fusion concept. Be it work life balance or fusion, both ways life is a part of it and what life really includes is family and friends for which no time or energy is left after a heavy load of work. Work life fusion gives us the opportunity to be in touch with our lovelies and there is no harm in it even if it is through social media.