Most Expensive Minerals

Most Expensive Minerals

Most Expensive Minerals

Unsurprisingly occurring substance, minerals have been formed as a result of geological processes. Planet Earth retains this tremendous precious solid and lifeless ingot in its depth. Throughout history, humans have garlanded themselves with jewellery - first made from shell, bone and sparkly rocks, and later, with gems set in copper, silver and gold.

These unbelievably expensive jewels also considered as a reliable fiscal protection for many. From jewellery to consumer electronics equipment, minerals are being used every day. Rather than having a précised pricing standard; they are frequently valued on their attractiveness, eminence, situation or scarcity. From gold to lithium, many minerals have superior worth. Take a quick look at the top 10 most expensive minerals in the world:

1. Jadeite - $3 million per carat


The historical reasons as the Mesoamerican Olmec used Jadeite raises the value of this extreme rare mineral. These spectacular gemstones come in a variety of greens and also some that are either greenish white or white with some green spots.

2. Red Diamonds - $2 – 2.5 million per carat


This purplish-red diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds ever. A small number of red diamonds is mined by the Argyle Mine in Australia per year which is then sold every few years with a very high price tag at auction.

3. Serendibite - $1.8 – 2 million per carat


This cyan coloured stone has only been exposed in two areas - Ratnapura in Sri Lanka and Mogok in northern Burma. It’s a result of a remarkable composite concoction of various molecules like aluminium, boron, calcium, magnesium, oxygen, silicon etc with a miscellaneous fraction. There survive only three faceted (cut) samples of 0.35 carats, 0.55 carats and 0.56 carats.

4. Blue Garnet - $1.5 million per carat


Though garnet comes in various colours but the most appealing and expensive one is definitely the blue garnet. It was first discovered in Madagascar in the 1990s after that also mined in Turkey, Russia and the United States of America as well. The generous amounts of vanadium make it look purplish when held against the light.

5. Rubies - over $200,000 per carat


6. Painite - 60,000 dollars per carat


7. White Diamonds - $55,000 per gram


8. Red Beryl Emerald - $10,000 per carat


9. Black Opal - $2,355 per carat


10. Platinum - $60 per gram

Minerals are one of the most expensive naturally occurring crude materials in the earth. They have always been imperative since their usages were exposed. Even in this modern age, mineral affluence reveals a country’s economy and their ability to rule over the world.