Most Expensive Contemporary Artists

Most Expensive Contemporary Artists

Most Expensive Contemporary Artists

Undoubtedly the breathing human beings are the most idyllic who know the scenario of the present society. As the contemporary society is reflected on the sketcher’s work, they are often named contemporary artists. Approximately going ahead from 1970, the contemporary arts make the place among the devotees by many of the renounced artists.  This exclusive sculpture not only brings eminence but also huge affluence to the artists. Variety in using materials, concepts, source and style make their works unique and difficult to summarize.

Considering last 45 years, impartiality, secularism, globalization, bioinformatics, ailment and disaster awareness etc gain the healthiest choice of concepts among the living legends.  The toughest work is done by making a list of most expensive contemporary artists who exceed the anticipation of wealth –

1. Damien Hirst ($1Billion)


Internationally renowned, British contemporary artist have chosen stereotypical DEATH as the central theme of his existing drawing. The dead animal series of artwork brings the fame and wealth for this fable. Spin and Spot is two different set of his remarkable work.

2. Jeff Koons ($500 Million)


A famous American artist, Jeff Koons is distinguished for his facsimile of prosaic stuff. Reflective mirror like stainless steel surface gives a distinctiveness of his contemporary works. Balloon Dog (Orange), an impressive creation of him, was sold at a record breaking price in 2013.

3. Jasper Johns ($300 Million)


Painter and printmaker, Jasper Johns is legendary for his American Flag. Flags, atlas, objectives, scripts and figures etc are the elements Jasper started his career with. His is an extraordinary Neo-Dadaist with present substance. As a societal campaigner, he works for decades with other co-artists to raise funds for the society.

4. David Choe ($200Million)


Starting from the boulevard with spray-painting in early life, the American painter, muralist David Choe has chosen the disfigurement for his fundamental rudiment. Dirty style figure painting brings the enormous success for this contemporary artist. Urban civilization and pursuit befall another prominent theme for his work.

5. Andre Vicari ($142 Million)


6. Takashi Murakami ($100 Million)


7. Anish Kapoor ($85 Million)


8. Antony Gormley ($50 Million)


9. Gerhard Richter ($40 Million)


10. David Hockney ($40 Million)


With the magnificence of work, those fashionable artists raise them towards the living mythology. People off-course die once but their work will be remembered after the time also. Their renowned effort not simply endows with glory but also create them the most expensive contemporary artists.