Most Expensive Yoyos

Most Expensive Yoyos

Most Expensive Yoyos

Yo-Yo definitely evokes some of the fondest of childhood memories with its simple yet engaging gameline. Interesting to note, although yoyos are a favorite toy for many yet these were once used as weapons by the Filipinos for some 400 years!

Today, the yoyos are not just some childish toys yet command very popular contests, drawing in participants from all over the world. More the weight is towards the toy rim, better are the chances of scoring big at these contests. The best yoyos are surely the most expensive ones- if you are looking to make it big with yoyo, these plush priced yoyos will be your best aides.

1. Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo - $499

duncan freehand mg yoyo

Duncan has released the Freehand Mg which is made of 99% magnesium. Both sides of the Freehand Mg are separately forged and then machined using a computer to control the lathe lathe resulting in a tolerance not exceeding1/100,000th of an inch.

2. Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo - $250

duncan cold fusion yoyo

It’s most expensive yo-yo- available at present. This Duncan product has been manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum & features Brake Pads as well as ball-bearing precision axle. One of the most important bits about this yoyo is its world-record spin time. It’s definitely a must have for the aspiring yo-yo players.

3. YoyoJam Next Level Yoyo - $144.00

yoyojam next level yoyo

This YoYoJam product assures premium rim-weight & its diamond-textured finish makes the toy even more coveted. This is your next-level yoyo designed with top notch aircraft aluminum & precision machined weight rings of bronze which guarantee long spin-times & tremendous balance. Its angular shape ensures good string tricks & freestyle play.

4. Duncan Magnetude Yoyo - $129.99

duncan magnetude yoyo

This Duncan Magnetude is another most expensive yoyos today with machined aluminum design & spinning sidecaps made of polycarbonate. It’s a stunning invention by yoyo professional Zach Lytle & is famous for magnetic side-caps that help with impossible tricks. The counterweights have been made magnetic as well, thereby adding on a further twist.

5. Yoyo Factory MVP 2 Yoyo - $109.99

yoyo factory mvp 2 yoyo

It is a follow up design from the very popular MVP yoyo, this is made with a very premium 6061 grade aluminium, which has an awesome weight distribution on the outer rims. This new version of the MVP yo yo also has a special undercut on the inside edge of the rims, which helps concentrate more weight on the outer edges. This helps the MVP 2 produce long and stable spins that dazzle spectators no matter where you decide to play.

6. One Drop Cascade Yoyo - $99.99

one drop cascade yoyo

The Cascade yoyo from One Drop, had some interesting design goals. They decided that they wanted it to be curvy and organic, mid-sized (at around 53mm), wide, and capable of using the "Side Effects" extras that go on the outside axle of some One Drop yoyos. During the design phase of the Cascade yoyo, One Drop went through three different iterations.

7. Zeekio Lunar Wind Yoyo Unresponsive - $89.99

zeekio lunar wind yoyo unresponsive

This is made from high grade machined aluminium and has a unique stepped design that combines the stability of an "H" shape and the speed of a "V" shape. With an overall weight of 66 grams it has the perfect rim weight which gives it amazing stability, even at slow speeds. The overall balance of the Lunar Yoyo makes it a top performer at high speeds.

8. Henrys M1 Yoyo - $87.99

henrys m1 yoyo

This aluminium model has all of the features that players are looking for in a pro level unresponsive yoyo. It has a silicone response system and a wide, unresponsive bearing that does not wake up when you tug on the string. You will need to learn how to do a bind trick to make this yoyo wake up.

Yes, it’s quite an expensive list no doubt but then again these are some of the most premium yoyos in the market today.  If you want to better your performance at the famous yoyo contests you have abide by the costly tag to support yourself with the state of art features that are not possible with regular yoyos.